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ING : Deadlyos

RP Name Raymond Silvestōs

Age : 47

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

 My story starts all the way back in Italy, when I was about 14 years old my bestfriend got killed in a robery. Italy was the place I grew up and now it was the place my nightmares were born... I learned how to fight from an old man down the street, but ofc he died of old age. When he died I desided to hunt down the people that killed my bestfriend but sadly enough they were alot stronger and had weapons. I moved as far away as possible, all the way to Las Vegas, when I got there a group of people tried to rob me because they thought I came out of a casino but somehow I menaged to accedentaly kick 1 of them to the ground causing him to break his neck. I took the weapon he was holding in his hand, knuckle dusters and tried to scare the rest off, lucky enough for me that worked. Since that day I desided to make a gang, not for money, for power. 7 years later when I was 21 me and my gang "Decesso" got arrested for trying to rob a casino and multiple murders. I got 10 years, after being in jail for 4 years I began to make a reputation in the prison. 6 years later when i got out of prison I moved to Himera seeing as a prison friend told me he grew up there. When I got there I tried the same as I did in Las Vegas and created a gang, this one was called "Nagini". 6 years pass and now I'm 37 with still the same plan of becoming the strongest gang leader in town.

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