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Spanish + French Language application

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IGN(In Game Name): SkullSiren

What Language are you applying for?: Spanish And French (Bilingual upbringing)

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): 

Sae Mun Underville [My character] and her twin brother Mo’ci Mun Underville were born in Ponce, Puerto Rico to their mother; Romai Yin, and their father; Alvero Ryn. Growing up in Ponce, they were prone to learning Spanish as their first language. Their mother taught them from the begin however they had little to say to anyone if it want each other. As they were learning Spanish they also were adapting to understanding French. Their uncle Akio often took care of them due to his brother (their father) leaving the twins lives early. As they became older, they often worked at the resorts located on the island together when they could to provide for themselves and their mother. As they engaged in social and work related events they became more aware at just how important it was that they hold on to both Spanish and French in terms of their fluency. They struggled often- as the languages were so close in similarity, they often used crossover terms and grammatical framework. This led them to being somewhat self conscious of their abilities but nonetheless they prevailed. Having their uncle as a prime role model for French speaking acquisition, they made sure to write and speak with him often, it created the necessary bond for him to later take them in after their mother passed [Sae had been about 17]. When the twins landed with their uncle in Korea, they reluctantly learned Korean to fit in however the learning struggles only prevailed, as they refused to speak anything other than their native languages for the first few months in Korea. They feared they’d lose the ability to speak the language their mother left them with, and it took a very long time for them to come to terms with the fact that learning Korean would help them in their new home. They still speak French and Spanish as often as they can, while having mostly mastered Korean as well, their first languages are something that stick with them every day; as it reminds them of their mother and their home land.


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