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khdu || Judge Application

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My main is lawriii, but I will be applying on my alternate account khdu.

Discord (ex. Taco#0503)


Do you have a working microphone?

I do, I am comfortable with using it.

Time zone:


Previous ban/warns:


Previous applications:


Which position are you applying for?

The judge application

Describe your activity level:

Before the server close to build,  I was very active averaging on a 8 hour daily basis to help toward the server since I was a previous builder but quit due to getting a job. I now am back into minecraft since my shifts have changed and I’ve made it all work out.

What is your motivation for applying?

When it comes to roleplay I normally stay in a small comfort bubble. Recently this year I have challenged myself to step outside my comfort zone more often and find my interest's and dislikes, both online and in school. When it came to this field of roleplay and in school I commonly avoided these types of subjects involving governments. When stepping into this, I'm applying because I want a chance. I want to learn something new and give something I never have done before a try. While I may not have the knowledge most people look for. I'm a fast and dedicated student or worker with want to learn more. I want to be able to reach out a little more and meet some new faces, while also having a go at something I normally wouldn't want to do. For my motivation, it’s the perseverance to try something new and the drive to learn something new. I love to learn and always have so being given the chance to apply and take part in a faction I've never really thought of being apart of would be really interesting for me. This also is a chance to expand my knowledge on roleplay and develop some knew skills and techniques I don't convey or show currently.

    Have you thoroughly gone through the               Court Trial guide and the Justice & Legal Information?

I have, I have been looking through this with deep dedication; multiple times to fully educate myself on how the system works.




Character name:

Min Hae

Character age:


Preferred Position [Judge, Prosecutor or Public Defender]:




Preferred Pronouns:


What motivates your character to join the faction?

“I am a woman of my word; I promised my father I would make a difference in the current world, change peoples perspectives and mainly - impress my father. Something I have strived to do forever. I plan on doing this by doing my part and taking the evil from the world and putting good back in. I’ve had a hard background, being my uncle a criminal himself and getting involved in many situations which wrecked the family. I was just a child when he got put into prison, I from then on told myself I would never let people with potential get dragged into criminals repeat cycles. The judge role offers me a chance to help, by taking the bad influences away from others and correcting them. My motivation mainly relies on wanting people to influence one another positively, effectively not drag them down into a cycle.”

List your characters set of soft skills:

“I believe I am a good listener, kind hearted and I trust. Being a good listener as a judge is insanely as it’s these peoples first time living their life’s aswell, I believe in second chances under a certain circumstance, I will listen to all sides before even saying a word. I do not judge nor criticise people for their actions. I take it into account and think deeply before even thinking of making a decision.”

Explain any weaknesses your character might have:


Level of education? [Bachelors, Associates, etc.]


Backstory [100+ words]:

Min was born in 1992, 5th August in Beoul, a town in Korea. she was brought up with her loving parents, Seou-Ling Hae and Yo Hae, both doctors in different units. Min adored her parents and would do anything to watch a smile glimmer their face. Min followed their every word and made a promise once her uncle got sentenced to prison. She promised them she would strive to become a judge and not let people influence others negatively like her uncle had been influenced. By the age of 10 she started studying law books and beginning to do class cards with her mother and father in free time. She continued studying law throughout highschool and went on to study criminology in university, before eventually taking an internship as a judge. Eventually moving to a smaller position, where she stands now. Still hard working and determined.


[More updated and lengthy version coming sometime soon..]



What is an opening statement?

An opening statement is what the person is being charged with, prior to anything being said. For example, “See Yung is being charged with violations of the Korean penal code 187-188”

When is the verdict given?

After the trial, it can take from hours up to several days.

What is it called when a witness does not answer or outright avoids a question?

Contempt of court.

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