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Discord [ex. enderbubs]:




Any Previous Bans/Warns (Minecraft Server and Discord Server):


Describe Your Current Level Of Activity In The Server. Explain Why It May Be Higher or Lower:

While I am currently unable to join the in-game server, I am a member of the discord server and forums. I attempt to look at messages on both of which at least twice a week. My activity can differentiate depending on what’s going on in my real life. This includes things like school, family trips, and holidays. However, I assure you that while my main priority will always be real life, that I will still make time for HimeraRP once it is opened. 

List All Past Faction Applications, And Mention If You Were Denied Or Accepted (Provide Links To Each Application):


What Is Your Motivation Behind Applying For This Faction?

 My sibling, FJ, has recently introduced me to this server, and after looking at the forums and discord, it seems very interesting. I’ve always loved visiting local shops, which is why I’m applying for the shop that I am. My sibling and I have a close relationship, and they’ve also applied for business owner in HimeraRP, and I’d love for both of us to be able to run different shops with similar vibes right next to each other.

Link To Your Shop Discord Server (Permanent Link):


Do You Have Access To A Microphone And The Ability To Join VCs?

I do own a microphone, and I am able to join voice calls via discord using it. However, I would prefer to only join and speak in required VCs.

Have You Read Through The HRP Server Rules?

 I have read through all the rules regarding HRP.

Do You Understand The Rules Of Being A Business Owner?

 I do. I’ve looked over the rules/guidelines to being a business owner in HRP and I believe that I’ll be able to follow each and every one of them fully upon acceptance.



Character Name:

Fred E. Kay

Character Age:


Character Gender/Pronouns:

Male, He/Him

Describe Your Character's Personality:

While Fred is great at socializing with people that have similar interests as himself, he is also quite shy. He has mild social anxiety, hence why he spends most of his time running his comic store alone. He’s a bit of a nerd, liking lesser known things that can set him apart from the rest of the crowd. He enjoys giving his attention to interests and activities that have smaller communities. Fred has many childish traits, so he appreciates being around tweens and teens alike, as he can relate to them deeply.

Do They Have Any Criminal Charges On Their Record?:

No, he does not.

What Is Your Character's Motivation Behind Opening A Shop?

Fred was raised in a poor family, they lived and worked in their family’s Convenience store. Fred enjoyed working at the cash register during the day, interacting with the customers, counting the cash, etc. However, the ‘vibe’ of their family store, selling alcohol, clothing, and accessories was not Fred’s thing. So, during his years in highschool and college he took classes on business and advertising so that when he graduated, he would be able to run a store of his own. At this point in his life, he is interested in comic books and other geeky things, hence why he is opening a shop of this sort. 


What Is The Name Of Your Shop?

 Meteor Comix

What Exactly Is Your Shop (Restaurant, Convenience, Accessory, etc.)

 My shop is a Comic/Geek store. It will fall under the Gift Shop category.

Provide a Unique Description Of Your Shop, And Why Is Different Compared To Others:

Step into Meteor Comix, a safe place for geeks who wish to let their creativity reign supreme. Our business, covered in a vibrant atmosphere, offers exclusive Meteorix Cards, hand-made comics, action figures, plushies, and more, something no other shops within minecraft have done. Immerse yourself in narratives crafted by our talented creators and bring your favorite characters to life with meticulously designed collectibles. More than a store, Meteor Comix is a safe space for all fandoms, where inclusivity is our priority. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you, and we aim not just to sell, but to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Provide An Example Of Your Employee Roster, And What Each Employee Role Does In The Shop:


General Staff



The owner of the shop is the one who mainly manages theme, stock, and is the one with the Business Owner



The desk workers act as the cashiers, taking orders and hanging around at the front desk. 


These people will create storylines, scripts, and sound effects for new comics to be added to the store.


The managers of the shop are the ones who help out the owner with managing the shop. There will be three managers in my shop. One will help with managing the creators and comics. One will be a general manager, helping out where they can. The final one will be a Meteorix manager, helping out the Meteorix staff, Metedex, and creating the cards.


The Shelf-Workers hang around the rest of the store, helping out customers with finding items, seeing what they look like, and making suggestions. These people make a comforting environment in the store. 


The illustrators will act as panel artists, creating artwork for comic books to be added to the store. For some comics, certain illustrators may be assigned to create renders and/or skins for characters in the comics. Think of them like a media team for the shop.


These people will be in charge of setting up In-Roleplay interviews for any applications that are in need of it, as well as accepting/denying applicants.

Meteorix Staff

The Meteorix staff will be a special group of people. They will still work for Meteor Comix, however, they will only help with the Meteorix section. Meteorix is a card game that is similar to Pokemon, however, Meteor Comix will be the one main place selling these cards. Meteorix Staff are required to supervise official Meteorix Card Battles that happen during shifts, as well as helping people understand how to play.


The publishers will take the artwork/renders from the illustrators, the writing from the writers, and advice from the comic manager and put them all together into a google document/canva document, choosing fonts, backgrounds, sizes, etc. to create the final product.


Do You Already Have Workers/Employees? If So, Who Are They And What  Is Their Rank In The Shop? (Attach Their Discords and IGNs):

I already have three employees for my shop:

 fj4501 | Meteorix Manager | FailedJarl78349

blannette | Comics Manager | Blannett3

oliverium | General Manager | Oliverium

Provide A List Of Rules, IN-CHARACTER Or OUT-Of-Character, That Employees And Citizens Will Have To Follow In The Shop:


  1. Respect all Customers & Employees

  2. Do not steal from the shop

  3. Use all items the way they are meant to be used.


  • Do not spam the chat

  • Do not minge items

  • Do not parkour on blocks that are not meant to be parkoured on

What Does Your Shop Look Like? (Interior And Exterior). Provide Photo Examples/References:

 For the exterior, I’d like the shop to look similar to the following image:

For the interior, I was thinking of a nineties comics store with a subtle outerspace theme. Here’s some inspiration images:


Front DeskfZF-gwyphKBro9xGf6f-EYFAwSh9BOEzlkx_vU_DokvdhT783pGy4YhjdyX_8DUt0GG7YJik6VBV-qkD7OYqByBE_j37C11h8WqBeqlEXtLY7ODcN7cpui9q_ao8oE58MCaeVURNhIqlDytiMu3xdgs

Back Corner hN_MMWDsH_it8bL3RqEOK4tfoh-QQ1GTbTh7ZdEh8A4yP-9f2R7Ne9JCuVLw0P3frWwqPQWuoyvQEZnjfegBzHfS1W21Tu4XVGCIFynRQmQZXpSc5C4Uw-fW18KDxg23UkMjk2y7LqYIghNXNbjw_As

Front CornerEEzLEfzm456lkVNLECrTaeN40VxY4UPxnmBUD3vf50_MqrVlKfgzdiqjrrUfYDh3hnc7LfOxCwZWPxLonb_etwh0EQumLjg0w4mDMx10I78r5-9DtyGcRGwNzRx-IeYVLqU1-PCLl5Fa-k-2_8zKBf4



Book Display CornerKyc1I2TncfcTgZOQEVVSl4zzBSpHwsheMFNFxlXm-UgqCSKNQR5i3xt0J1o-l5UoW3kt8i8Qzs0JV15nTQO-_v6-7vbaKlaMWzO9-3twc2VUFXm_SuBuc_rkn1VnQunZEwG_X9cvRhZehIa4KC_I3A4

Games Corner1ybee3CYhFgKSsz3lfOhqOt6dIHk--EvNHWFkbH7PqjUF8CI7zEROhJACvsnyzTEY_xQKX7yhHBWEhJPfawHYr28vBvGUNeHOa9KrGu7uEmQV7jcWknAnc28KEtV6mzH9JPN4jVpvKtDnq5aAXe2nDo

Meteorix Battle Room8PWF82O-UrER46sEeHT1hqv1fqDZ0k0C4Rhi686IPjKiiR1H7px1pW3lgGyznSCv3_PKe11XYHDeXR1QRBLTEUZmmFzEEnSRVybR74_QRe4AP3D9edA77X_hC5iU6tF3k6cnZXFQ-bWX7tFH1FZVMnA

Employee’s Front Room0Y_9gl0v-l5DxkOrS5bLCHdgzDEdh_TBeu9YRsO2TWZZv-JqlLt5l1-ABUMhnjF398MT8Wv67jcBF3sjiFb97awbpYe9GAZ08Q7rc3X87wyoefl460dPXfvZxfPsZbbEusomDVDpYFjd2wxdN3bEGCY

Employee & Creator’s Back Roomuei71ZkP_6uqwJlXeK4F5oa2ujNbxnBtaU1gRqDnVVMvzym5IfwPAqdM9EqM-sU2e7DTWIstr0awOivaiFwvGHuqPRds0wQbyV1Qx4NIOMUK1KOcPEOANX2weg7O5ovbwFczqzSKNxIjtgnCTpcZ9sk


What Do Your Uniforms Look Like? Provide Photo Examples/References:

 All workers will be highly encouraged to wear casual clothing, whatever they please. However, they will be required to wear a nametag, which is shown on one of my friend’s skins below.


What Will Your Shop Sell? Provide A List And Provide Photo Examples/References:

The general idea of my shop is that they sell “nerdy” items, such as comic books and comic-themed items. These include items such as action figures, walkie-talkies, and tapestries. One line of items I intend to sell are Meteorix Cards. They’ll work as pokemon cards, however, they’ll be based off of comic book characters from real-life comics. I’ve described those above in the employee section, however, I’ll provide more examples in that section of this question.


Comic Books

Action Figures

Themed Items

Meteorix Cards

Arachnid Ned

Bionic Bunny

Fairy Mary Moo Cookie Castle

Purple Card Set

Bionic Bunny

Evil Dog

Tina the Talking Tabby Plush

Official Metedex Booklet


Mary Moo

Panic Planet Tapestry

Bunny Card Set

Dark Bunny

Super Tomato

Stanley the Bear Stuffie

The Golden Carrot-Monster Card

I intend to have the models for the comic books be rectangular, bright, and simple. If possible, I’d like players to be able to right-click the models and it send them a link to a google doc that contains a comic book made by our creators. That way, they’re able to enjoy the  story and the model.vUs-p5bWV30WHjvEw5AdJPIFU91z2UaJ32mq9WsW4popA1NL5unwrz4_WwhjtVv-YfRnR7IyCC5SXGcEg6kyQlUFsV4dYx_sfaeFHsgapmKib9aD0bzCu9U9D5iZNgbsJP5HpTXIXJaxjlrNTtS5xOU

I would like to have the action figures just be models of the comic book artwork characters, below is an example of what I mean.


For this section, it’ll be filled with various items, such as walkie-talkies, posters, “lego” sets, and plushies. So, while I can’t show you just one example of what they all should look like, I’ll show you just one of them.


Obviously, not all of these can be customs, for that reason, I believe that we could sell these as just signed books, or something of that sort. Possibly we could create it as an online system (with our discord, or with a spreadsheet) and we’d ask players for their discord before giving them the cards/sets.BA4n6UGXb12PCsqVlIwaV0ROa43SlzqqfDmm78RRtyiFv86fVgi-i_7g_Xo8PzzsVe3P9h2BlPMqbgwvZny-FK6BbzzxGMowLPVw52NgnZiCb6Mc2TNI9L5ULtflY-F0uGNe49s2EI_yVPIQWl2hrag


Provide Three Unique Events That Your Shop Can Hold:

 Ultimate Meteorix Tournament

For this event, all/most Meteorix Staff will be highly recommended to show up to the opening, as well as the Meteorix Manager. All Meteorix stock will be moved to the front of the shop in special displays. There will be extra tables added into the shop, one for each Meteorix Staff member that shows up. During this event opening, customers will be unable to buy anything besides Meteorix Cards, Card Sets, and Information Booklets. 

During this event opening, customers will be able to ask the person at the desk to sign them up for a Meteorix Tournament (the event) for the first ten minutes. After the first ten minutes of the opening, the tournament will begin. In the first ten minutes of the opening, customers will be able to buy boosters, cards, new sets, etc. for their Meteorix collections that could help them during the tournament.

It will work as a bracket-system that will be made by the Meteorix Manager. The winner of the tournament will be rewarded with a split of the money that was made during the opening, as well as a random card set.

Comic Premiers

This event will take place every time that a new comic is created by the creator staff. Right in front of the store, two booths will be placed, one on either side of the door. In one booth will be the illustrators that helped with the comic, in the other, the writers. Any publishers that helped with the comic, along with the Comic Manager, will roam the outside of the store.

People will be encouraged to ask the people in the booths questions about the comic-creating process. For a slightly lower price than usual, customers will be able to purchase the new comic, but signed by an illustrator/publisher/writer of their choice.

Cosplay Convention

In the shop discord, an announcement will be made with the date and time that the next opening will take place. Players will be invited to get a cosplay/costume tailored for their character. The managers and owner of the shop will be the judges of the contest.

Once enough cosplayers are present in the shop, they will all be asked to line up at the back of the shop. The managers will go through the cosplays, one-by-one, rating each outfit out of ten. At the end, they’ll announce the top three winners. Each of them will be given 1-2 random items from the shop for free. 

Additional Information On Your Shop, Character, Or Anything Else:


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