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Raijin "Rai" Endo


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Raijin 'Rai' Endo


Basic Information


Full Name: Raijin 'Raijin' Endo


Surname: Raijin


Preferred Name:























Skin Color:



Eye Color:



Hair Style:

Sort of messy


Hair Color:

Brownish black



Tech Wear, cosplay, emo, and cyberpunk looking clothes


Date of Birth:

August 13th 2002


Place of Birth:

Germany, Nuremburg










Sexual Orientation:



Religious Beliefs:




German and Korean 


General Appearance and other stuff

Likes: Hanging out with people, meeting new people, cosplaying as his favorite characters, playing guitar in public or in private, loves to draw, exploring and going to new places, shopping, collecting things, protecting people that need help, any kind of food, and playing videogames

Dislikes: Rude people and people that go after the weak for satisfaction (Still thinking about more things to add)

Appearance: Black hair, Silver eyes, tattoos on both of arms leading to his chest 


Hobbies: Cosplay, Drawing, Singing, Playing guitar


Equipment: N/A


Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Smoking addiction, Alcohol addiction, Severe Depression, Anxiety, Separation disorder


Relationship status: Single


[Too be determined]

Backstory: When Raijin was young his family grew up in a sort of slums type of area in his old town in Germany called Nuremburg and he had alot of siblings that they always looked up to him. As he grew up as time passed by and his mom was a teacher and his dad was in the police force as part of the swat unit and he also had a dog named Hercules which was his dad’s K9 unit if he needed Hercules to help him on something or for a task/operation/mission and Raijin’s parents and some of his siblings tried to save up money until one day when he was about 11 years old his father got a call on his own house saying that his son (Raijin) and his fathers wife (his mom) were being held hostage by someone that knew Raijin’s father and that they were an old “friend” of his father that faked their death to get back at Raijin’s father and as his father arrived Hercules was already shot and killed by the criminal that had Raijin and his mother tied up next to each other with duct tape on their mouths and right as his father breached the front door he was shot in the chest and head killing him and the rest of the swat team rushed in and shot the criminal and saved Raijin and his mother but his father and dog didn’t survive and after the incident Raijin and his sister had to move to (To be determined) due to lack of rent and Raijin had to take care of his siblings along with his older brother Raijin and when he turned 18 he received his fathers swat mask and swat uniform in the mail from his mother and his other siblings that grew up with him soon later also moved into (To be determined) and ever since his fathers death he swore to help get what his father dreamed of his son doing which was starting his own family and have a nice wife that will love him and treat him well and have kind kids who will grow up to just be like Raijin and his wife and have them continue his sons family legacy and generation

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