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FxllenRaven's Language Application

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Language Application

IGN(In Game Name): FxllenRaven

What Language are you applying for?: French

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): Astrid ‘Asti’ Maël Valère was born and raised in Corse (Corsica), France (A small island off France). Growing up in Cargèse, off the coast of Corse, learned from her grandparents way more than her parents have ever taught her. Astrid struggled with her maiden language from time to time and had special help in school to learn it better, and the right way with grammar and pronunciation, but she succeeded in the end, (still kind of struggling with bigger words and needs to know what the person means/needs), as she had been in school from K-12, graduated college, and soon moved to Himera, Tanoa at age 25. Since some people there are French, it’ll be easy to communicate with them instead of her learning a whole new language.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: Helps her communicate with other people who speak the same language as her, and if she ever has kids, she can teach them her language and culture, and teach them the ways of life in her special way.

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