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Poseter | Theater Club

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Track Team (As of now, I'm unsure if this will change,)

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Gyo Jae (Korean, first name Jae)

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Theater Club

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What is your motivation to create your club?

My motivation was from a long time ago. I have always wanted to run a club, especially a of theater club. Now, I have not been interested in musicals myself that's why I am not incorporating too much of musicals into the theater club.

The motivation I have behind creating this club stems from a deep passion for the art of acting and the desire to provide a platform to enhance people's theatrical skills and deepen their love for acting. Theater serves as a powerful medium for expressing stories and using that connection with others and then enriching that skill. While musicals undoubtedly hold their own charm, I believe that an exclusive focus on acting opens up a unique space for individuals who are passionate about their talents. By creating a theater club that does not delve into musicals, it helps widen those who do like acting but are not fond of being educated in that field. I've always wanted to help teach people the importance of using the skills you learn online and putting them forth elsewhere. There is not any specific skill they need to learn, but the idea of it is to create a dream, just like mine. I am not talented enough in real life to have the voice I want to be capable of using, but I have the capability of using it in detail. I didn't create this club specifically for the actors, I created it because I wanted to broaden the selection of talent we have available.

Overall, my motivation is to not only help myself, but help enhance those skills for others who wish to be in this field.

Why should we select you to become a Club Head, as opposed to other applicants?

My aspiration to become an actor is anchored in the realm of virtual rather than reality, I am deeply committed to this future and present community of like-minded people who share the same passion for the art. The idea of creating a space where fellow actors can explore their acting abilities, regardless of the degree of reality, is an exciting endeavor that I am eager to lead. Technology can be a powerful tool when it comes to enhancing the boundary between virtual theater and traditional theater. Nowadays, opting for a more virtual way of learning is much easier to minds and writing is much easier for storytelling and creating that personality of a character you couldn't in real life. As Club Head, I am dedicated to the virtual aspects of our theatrical experiences and creating a diverse environment for the community without leaving anyone out. Additionally, my leadership skills are well-suited to guide the club. I have had plenty of experience will guidance myself so I get the idea of what people want and don't want. One of my strengths lies in assisting others in recognizing their mistakes and shifting them towards the right way. I am confident that these qualities will contribute to the development of a cohesive thriving theater club.

What events and activities will you host for your club?

There are an astounding amount of things you can get away with as theater club, and working with the school can help expand the pride the students have for the school.


Improv helps create a more ideal workspace since it needs more imagination and creativity. This will be a club activity and some of the meetings will be practicing improv. This is a fun and engaging way to develop acting skills and further improve your ability to work with others. Most of the time, improv is out of pocket and you can't really expect anything. The key in improv is to expect the unexpected so you can get an idea of what you will then say.

As another way of doing improv, we could also do monologues for people to practice. This can be improv or it can be scripted but in the end, those people will go in front of the audience(the club) and perform their own small play. This will help rid of stage fright and help them gain more confidence when in front of people and in the spotlight.


This could be within the club or as a school. Students can give scripts of a play and they must meet the requirements of the play. A plethora of topics will be given and with these topics, they must create a well-written play. Prizes that will be handed out could be from money to entering the club for free. The requirements would be to have Acts, Scenes, characters, and an overall plot. It also must have instructions for the characters outside of the script. If this was within the club, whoever wrote the best script could have their script done in a play.

There will be more events and activities conducted, however, this is all I have at the moment since I do not know what the school has to offer.

How would you decorate your club room, as the Club Head?

Creating a theater club room involves creating a space that is used for both rehearsals and meetings as well as practices.


The stage area will be dedicated to practicing rehearsals so we can get a general idea of what the actual play will soon look like. It might be on a much larger scale, however, it helps the actors and writers get an idea of what we will be doing in the play.


Seating is a must-have in a meeting room. Rather than chairs around a desk, there'll be open sofas that watch onto the stage. This will help the club head or the host of the meeting to provide a sustainable audience who is paying attention. The sofas/chairs will be faced towards the stage so they can watch.


The board will be used as an announcements board. This will help those who are unable to make it to the practice to see the meeting minutes of the previous meeting. This will also help those who arrive to the meeting know what the current meeting will be and any future plans that the club will be partaking in.


The changing room is another must-have that a theater room should require. In most cases, outfit changes will be happening a lot. There should at least be two separate rooms side-by-side (to ensure enough space) that the actors can use to change during rehearsal. A vanity may also be available nearby with mirrors, makeup, and wigs to help those changing get an idea of what they want.


Breakouts are essential if you want to learn different ideas from different people. Being able to break up your club into different groups can help you get totally different ideas from these groups. Whether you give them a topic or let them improv, having them come up with their own scripts and ideas will allow the club head/host to get a better understanding of what his/her team prefers.

Why is your club a good fit for Gavatha Academy?

Every school needs a theater club, it's normal! The theater club is a good fit for Gavatha Academy because it'll help gather people who have similar interests in acting, writing, and the intricacies of working backstage. By having these like-minded individuals, the Theater club aims to create a vibrant hub of creativity within the school. The Theater club helps celebrate those who love and have a passion for performing arts. Whether one is drawn to the spotlight or prefers to work the magic of behind the scenes, our club welcomes all!

What rules or requirements do you look for in new members?

The only rule I ask for people who join is to have an idea of what they're applying for. More context will be given for each role.

Co-Leader: The co-leader must have good leadership skills. This role will be chosen after and is not an applicable role.

Mascot: The mascot is for someone who does not like to be put in the spotlight via talking, but likes to move around and be the center of attention.

Writer: Writers must be able to write a decent amount of writing within a short period of time. This ensures that we can easily fix issues. They also must be able to identify good skills within a person and will be able to give the right role to the right person.

Actor: The actors must be able to. . . well, act! They need to have the ability to talk in front of a crowd without fail. This may seem like a tough decision, but it's virtual and much easier to do. They must be able to adapt to the personality given to them and must not show their own personality within that character unless it's based off them.

Backstage: Backstage must be able to help fix problems and be able to direct well. Backstage people will help actors know what to do if lost.

Anything else would like to add?




Live Laugh Cro

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Congratulations. The Board of Education has accepted your application.

You will receive your roles in the HRP Academics Discord shortly.



disc ; abbatha ♡︎ *:・゚✧

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