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4CD | | Councilor Application

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Minecraft IGN: 4CD

Discord: klar.222

Age: 17

Past warnings/kicks/bans: N/A

Time zone: EST

List any other accounts and/or roles on the server: 4CDS [NO ROLE] / N/A 

Do you understand that if you are inactive you will be removed from council?  I understand that inactivity whilst on the student council will result in removal and potential punishment.

What is your motivation for applying to the Student Council?
One of my main motivations for applying to the Student Council is due to the relatively new nature within the server, which would allow me to explore and become more in-depth with the server, being able to understand the processes of the server and even potentially mold the student council into something more befitting of its name. Whilst Student Council may not be a new idea on other servers in similar vein, that would also mean that I and the other people who are a part of the council would be the ones to set the precedent for the future student council members. Not only this, but as a member of the Student Council within HimeraRP, the attainment of this position could allow for me to not only assist the Faculty and Staff by contributing and having a voice for them, OOCLY and as well as ICLY in some parts, but also the ability to represent the student body as a whole. Putting time into crafting the events that are created for them, and being able to keep the student body engaged, and wanting to come back to the server for not only Roleplay, but also as a place where they can find limitless, and engaging events which would target a large portion of the player base. Something that many other roleplay servers are unable to attain or achieve within their establishment.  Tying in with these similar ideas of being a figurehead, one of the motivations of me joining the Student Council on this server is exactly that, to be able to be a student leader. Oftentimes many servers lack the ability to create a strong connection between the average person dedicating a few hours a week to the server, and showing up to the occasional event, and those who are more involved. (eg. faction leads, higher-ups, members of respected factions, etc.)  and being a part of the council would be just one way I could potentially solve these problems, bridging said gaps. 

What are some skills that you have that make you a good fit as a councilor?
Some of the most obvious skills that make me a good fit as council are my unwavering dedication to Roleplay servers, of which I have been in since the pandemic (with a minor 1-2 year break during 2022-2023) before returning, hands-on experience with other roleplay servers, versatile schedule and flexibility for events, and attendance. In addition to this, I am a well-ranged and experienced role-player, with an already previous knowledge of functions how to create compelling storylines, lore and actions. All of these traits together make me the model, if not, the best fit for someone who would be on the student council.  Starting off with my ability to be wide-ranging and versatile within my schedule, meaning that if I were to be planning or leading an event more often than not, there would be a good chance that I would be able to attend it. If not, that would not be a problem, as I could find someone else to spearhead an event, or even push it back whilst still attempting to accommodate the rest of the student council's schedules. Having such a schedule also means that I can pay attention more closely to when peak hours are, and the servers primary time zone (GMT, EST, CST... etc.) and which times will work best. Tying in with this, being active on Roleplay Servers means that I already have the dedication and activity to show, and prove that I am not on the council, for example, a way to gain status, or a nametag on the server. If an event were to occur that involved the council, or the general student body I would ensure that I would attend unless there was a schedule conflict, and making the effort to stay informed about that would be one of the first steps of doing so. Another one of my key takeaways that makes me fit as a councilor would be the ability to create a detailed yet satisfying storyline for the average person, whilst keeping true to the general ideas of writing. Being a part of the Roleplaying community for such a time, has taught me how to write these storylines, plot points and being able to separate what may be a good fit for a server (such as fantasy elements, or everyday more menial occurrences) and what would be beneficial for the roleplaying community. With all of this combined, the fact that I already have hands-on experience, being a part of factions on other servers (LOTC, SRP, FRP, etc) and having applied for them. Regardless of my acceptance already shows my interest and prevalence within said communities, bolstering my overall general likeliness as a candidate for student council. All of these traits and abilities are something that a model HimeraRoleplay candidate should have, or should contain quality traits of, to be able to ensure their success in this position.

IC - Fill this like how your character would fill it out. 

Ryuuji Seung-yan

I am 18 years old. 

Appearance: (a screenshot of your character)

Describing my own personality would be hard, though I would refer to myself as professional. Whilst I understand the importance of having fun, and I do embrace it. There is a place and a time for everything, and that matters especially as much when you are a part of a prestigious leadership position or looking to attain one. Being able to maintain this idea of professionalism is what I believe to have carried me in the first place to apply for this position. I also believe I am a quite social-able person, if someone were to approach me, I would not only converse with them but treat them as I would say, my friends. I actively look to get to know people and form new meaningful relationships or connections between myself and new people. 

Why do you want to be on the Student Council?
(If you wish to be President/Vice-President, include that as well)

I am currently seeking the position of Student Council President, as I find this position is the most befitting of myself. As someone who has had many opportunities in their life where my leadership characteristics and qualities have come to shine, I find that this position would be able to exacerbate my already excellent abilities in doing so. Some of these abilities, such as excelling in debate, being able to come to an unbiased decision, management and brainstorming of events and activities to bolster student motivation and membership within the council and many other qualities, of which will be touched upon later in this application. In addition to all of these qualities listed beforehand, I find myself deeply passionate about the achievement of this position. As a member of the student body currently, being able to promote and use my voice and this position of power for others who may not find it in themselves to be able to do so, intrigues me. Another one of the key takeaways or factors that drove me to wanting to be apart of the student council is the opportunity to meet new people. Being in a position of power, such as President of the Student Council of course, not only means that there are numerous expectations that would be set upon myself. Whilst at the same time, I could easily consider the amount of people who would rely on me to make a decision, or people who look up to me, simply for being in my position. Being able to have that reputation and name for myself as President of the student council means that. 

What makes you stand out from other applicants?
There are many factors that make me stand out from every other applicant, though there are few that are as important as my experience. I find myself interested in this position, as I am dedicated to what I do, and know that I can ensure that what is needed to be done, gets done. Not only this, but I am knowledgeable on things such as the rules of debates, parliamentary procedures, the usage of special committees and the importance of democratic voting systems within any organization that has a hierarchical system that wishes to keep the opinion of the majority in place. Another idea that makes me stand out from other applicants is my ability to deal with situations on the spot, as a member the student council, especially president. One cannot be expected to be able to have everything pre-thought out, situations will arrive within the blink of an eye, and it would be up to myself to be able to figure out how I should deal with them, something I excel at in the heat of the moment. Being able to elect myself to make right decisions, even when I have the power to do otherwise makes me stand out from other applicants, whereas some people may be found to be malicious when they are given a position of the power. I find myself to be the opposite, I would rather coordinate and work with people, and understand everyone's point of view and ensure that the choice is the best for everyone, even if it is not for myself. Something many people would refer to as selflessness, or even sacrifice, though I do not see it that way.



As you are walking in the hallways of Gavatha Academy, you stumble upon a distressing scene! It seems some girls are bullying a young student about his personality. As a councilor, how would you approach this situation?
If such thing were to occur, the first thing that I would do is separate the girls and the young student. If they refuse, I would then proceed to inform them that I would be forced to escalate the situation, as a part of the Student Council and inform them of the potential consequences of their behavior in the first place, and then the added issue of refusing to listen to authority. Assuming that they do not continue such behavior, I would continue on and ask for a member of faculty, if any were available to take the two into separate room. Whilst on scene, I would ask for the young student's version of the story of what was occurring. Afterwards, I would request for a member of faculty to check the CCTV (if applicable) in this situation, and then proceed with receiving the story of the group of girls. Comparing the two and then using the CCTV to come to the best decision, such as a detention or even just a warning. If needed, I would refer the situation to a member of senior leadership to be able to make a much more serious decision that would be out of my power. 

Patrolling through the courtyard, you come face to face with a physical altercation between two boys. They are throwing punches left and right! As a councilor, how would you go about handling this situation?
As a member of the student council, the first thing I would do is radio for a faculty member, or look for one, depending on who is available. Remaining on the scene of the fight, until the situation is resolved. Not only this, but I would encourage passersby or onlookers to leave the scene in order to keep the situation from a potential escalation. Writing detentions and handing out warnings for those who chose to instigate a fight or are onlooking one. Becoming involved in the situation by attempting to break them up by usage of physical force, would not only be against my own principles but against school rules and may not work. Once the faculty member had arrived where I was, I would remain there with them and assist them however they need. I would also ensure that the faculty members were able to attain the reason behind the fight and determine whether or not additional steps are needed to ensure that they do not attempt to escalate the fight outside of school bounds. 

A fellow council member is misusing their authority, and it is negatively affecting a student. What do you do?
The first thing that I would do is obtain evidence of their misuse of their authority, and then go to the student council vice president and president with proof of these occurrences. I would then recommend them to not only interview the student, but also ensure that they look back on their previous situations and be able to find whether or not that there is a pattern in issues with a particular student, or how they chose to use their authority more in general. Upon doing so, I would also encourage said student to go to a member of the senior leadership and make a complaint about the issues that they have been having with the member of the student council. Directly approaching the member of Student Council may cause them to lash out, or attempt to downplay their own abuse of authority against the student, which is something that I would avoid. Not only this, but this would cause me to become more directly involved in the situation, which might not be needed, or lead to problems in the future. Acting rashly even in the heat of the moment, which is something I tend to avoid is a possibility that I would avoid at any cost. 

Please create no more than 2 detailed events in which the council can use, if you were to join:


The general idea of a sports day would be to foster relationships between the general student body and the rest of the sports teams. All members of a team will arrive in the gymnasium or some sort of venue, where they can expect booths and already previously administered information on their team, which would be posted on their booth/mural, or whatever best fits their sport. Each team would receive a small area that replicates what their sport is, (e.g. small non-functional volleyball court for volleyball team, small football pitch for football) which would be set between the two teams, males on the left and females on the right. In the middle, which would be run by the student council, would be a large desk/booth or place where people can find information on when tryouts are occurring, how to schedule private tryouts for teams and the general activities planned for the event. After around an hour or two of people having the opportunity to walk around and discover more about the teams, talk with captains, ask questions to general members about how they feel about the team, members still then be dismissed. Teams will be brought back to their actual practice areas within the school, with the idea of them hosting 1 mock practice for anyone who is interested in joining. In addition to one mock practice, which would only include 1 game of the team, afterwards the teams will inform anyone who spectated or made their interests clear, they are welcome to join in and play a couple games with the team. Once this has occurred, all teams will be dismissed over the Intercom and are free to go. Whilst this idea does require collaboration with SLT, and the teams to be able to make it work, it would be a valuable and important event which would bolster relationships between teams, council, the general student body and even faculty for the most part.

A donation drive requires little to no supervision on behalf of the SLT. The general concept would be that the student council would request items, such as food, in some cases to be able to hand out to the general public and less fortunate people. These could also be donation drives to go towards efforts for members of the faculty, and all of the work that they do. A booth or would be done where the student council room in school is located, would only require 2 or so members. Students would find accepted and not accepted items plastered out on the room/on the booth, and if a contraband item was donated within the drive, the council would be expected to destroy it or returned it to its owner. After a donation drive is complete, a location would be announced as to where the items will be distributed, what date and time and who qualifies for it. All of these issues would be expected to be worked out internally before the creation of the donation drive and amongst the council itself. More likely than not, these shifts or collections would be organized into a system with 'shifts' where each Councilor would be required to be able to work at least one period, usually around half an IRP school day of collecting food. Whenever the collection area would be open, it could be announced on the intercom to ensure the maximum amount and a set quota of the number of items wanted to have been achieved would be reached.  The date of when the items would be redistributed would be optimally set so there would be enough reasonable time to inform SLT, faculty and the rest of the general public as to where and when this would occur.

Anything else you would like to add?
No, there is nothing I feel the need to add at this time.

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Thank you for applying.
The Board of Education has deemed your application acceptable.

You will receive your President roles in the HRP Academics Discord shortly.



disc ; abbatha ♡︎ *:・゚✧

igns ; hweadpat , wantsoju , p6ws

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