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Poseter | Councilor Application

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Minecraft IGN:






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List any other accounts and/or roles on the server:

Track team (As of now, unsure if this will change)

Do you understand that if you are inactive you will be removed from council?

I understand that if I am inactive, I will be removed from council.

What is your motivation for applying to the Student Council?

My motivation for applying to the student council is quite different than most. I began playing Himera Roleplay as a way of avoiding most of my life responsibilities and got wayyy more into it when I began to play the beta. Taking my time out of my day for a beta version isn't something I'd normally do since, well, I'd just have to wait longer for the real reveal. Himera was different, though, it gave me a reason to be interested in Roleplay. In 2022 when I played the beta, I was not really into roleplay. It was quite different, actually, I had been playing with a few friends and didn't really like it at first. The more I played, the more I got online and gathered up my playtime. I'd realized I wanted to really partake in Himera since I couldn't exactly do that anywhere else. I hadn't really gotten that spark that I wanted into other servers since I was never nearly satisfied with my work. Although I put forth a lot of effort, I didn't exactly put forth that effort for myself. I put it forth for the rest of the people I was playing with at the time. I foraged the courage to play more and more and got better interest in Himera. Although I know Himera will be different than the beta version, I know for sure it'll be better. Now I am here, wanting to be apart of the community much more than I had before. I want to become more professional and change the way I look at things especially when it comes to putting a lot of dedication and focus into one singular thing--that being Himera--. I started roleplaying as a way to pass time, now, I am roleplaying to be apart of the community.

What are some skills that you have that make you a good fit as a councilor?

Any councilor needs leadership skills and I think I lead pretty well. Whether that's the president or vice-president. You need be able to voice yourself and I think practicing with virtual reality really helps that. I am a very calm and relaxed person and I don't hold grudges towards people. I want to help people fix their mistakes rather than criticizing them for it. Someone shouldn't be criticized for a small mistake. People should always receive second chances --unless you do something EXTREMELY bad-- and I think I have good influence to show that to others. I have complete dedication to Himera once it releases and I don't plan on quitting any time soon. Whenever I enjoy something, I enjoy it to it's fullest. I wouldn't exactly say my free time is the greatest, but my punctuality can be great as long as I'm free. I am still in school, but I believe as long as things are planned according to most timezones, then I can be just fine. I think about everyone, not just me. I really pay attention to detail and try to be as inclusive as I can be.

IC - Fill this like how your character would fill it out. 


Gyo Jae (First name Jae)







"I am pretty laid back, I don't really get into fights. I try hard in school when I want to and my school pride is beyond what I could've imagined. Some might think I'm hard to approach but I'm real nice once you get to know me. If I had to ask my friend to give me one word to describe me, that'd be enthusiastic. I am a real curious cat so I want to know more about people than you'd think. I like to approach people if it seems they are a little scared to approach me. I may be intimidating to other people, but I am for sure a lot more docile than you think. I am not emotional, I am tough and strong, but I might also be a pushover at times when it comes to people close to me."

Why do you want to be on the Student Council?
"I wish to be on the Student Council as the President or Vice-President. I am thoroughly able to lead the Council team alongside a peer and I think it's better for me as a person. I don't want to be cocky, but I do think being above everyone to help them find themselves is better for me. I don't try to be a bad influence, but if I can't show that to other people, then I don't think I'm putting forth my best efforts. I try my hardest, but there are some ups and downs I go through too. I want to be on the Student council to help those people who are going through those ups and downs as well since I can relate to them. I think you need a relatable person to be head of the team since it's hard for them to speak for themselves because most of the time they're trying hard to be inclusive. I want to be in the student council to show others that life really isn't difficult as long as you just talk to someone. If you can't talk to the people around you, going to a student council is a great option. If I had to choose to be a regular member of the council, then I'd be fine with it. As long as I am helping others be themselves, I am a great member of the team. I'm enthusiastic and I try to be optimistic about everything even in times where it might not be a good time to do so."

What makes you stand out from other applicants?

"While I may not stand out physically, my qualities lie in my mental fortitude and my commitment to being a strong peer and leader. What sets me apart from other applicants is my ability to lead with empathy and a genuine dedication to a positive change within the school. In a leadership role, I firmly believe that true strength is derived from understanding, supporting, and connecting with others. My approach is grounded in empathy, allowing me to relate to the diverse perspective and needs of the student body. I strive to create an inclusive environment where every student feels heard, valued, and represented. Challeneges and setbacks are inevitable, but I see them as opportunities for growth. Instead of being pushed back by obstacles, I embrace them as chances to learn and lead. While titles may hold significance, I am motivated by the idea of achieving a leadership role not for the sake of a "pretty title", but for the actual impact and positive change that can be achieved. I lead with compassion and to form the improvement of the lives of my peers. I am confidence my qualities uniquely position me to contribute effectively to the student council."


As you are walking in the hallways of Gavatha Academy, you stumble upon a distressing scene! It seems some girls are bullying a young student about his personality. As a councilor, how would you approach this situation?

"First I would approach the scene with a calm attitude, but make sure that my physical appearance seems bigger than the two girls. Rather than joining them, I'll make my presence and intention be known that I am here to help and diffuse the situation. Then, I'll tell the people who are instructing the bullying to stop their behavior immediately. I'll go to the student who is being bullied and offer a reassuring presence that I am here for them. If the situation doesn't seem to deescalate, I will take the student to a more private room to secure their safety. I'll ask more open-ended questions rather than yes or no questions to understand why this situation occurred in the first place. I will not take any sides, being biased in not on my check list. If the situation seems bad enough to where I can't even stop it, I'll involve SLT. I'll then make sure the student, again, feels safe within the new boundaries set."

Patrolling through the courtyard, you come face to face with a physical altercation between two boys. They are throwing punches left and right! As a councilor, how would you go about handling this situation?

"First, I will approach the scene and make sure I myself is safe before intervening with the altercation. Since it seems I am by myself, I will call for assistance and make sure there are more than one person here to stop the issue. I'll instruct the two students to stop what they are doing or things can get out of hand. If it is needed, a physical separation will take place. I will then inspect for any injuries between the two students after distancing them away from each other so they couldn't go back at it again. Although, I will make sure they do not leave in the time of inspection. I will then make sure I hear both sides with, again, no bias involved. I will report this incident to the SLT if need be and a detention --if STUCO can give detentions-- will be handed to both of them."

While conducting routine rounds, you spot students in a secluded area of the schoolyard passing around a joint, emitting a strong odor of marijuana. They appear unaware of your presence, engaging in illicit substance use on school grounds. How do you approach the situation?

"Knowing the issue at hand, I will remain calm to avoid them running away at the sight of me. If the situation seems dangerous to myself, I will make sure to ensure my safety beforehand. This could be me calling for back up. Before approaching, I will mentally document the situation and wait for the appropriate moment to take lead. If I see they are not actively using the substance, I will then approach (if I do not see them quit using it, I will wait until I find back up). I will walk up to them and be as respectful as possible to ensure my safety again. I will tell them that what they are doing is against school policy. Rather than being up in their business, I'll ask for less elaborate description of the situation since this is more of a SLT situation. I'll gather all of their names and give detentions out if needed."

A fellow council member is misusing their authority, and it is negatively affecting a student. What do you do?

"Before I start my decent, I will gather as much information as possible about the misuse of authority. I'll talk to the student and any witnesses about the detail of their misuse. I can't be completely sure if they are misusing their power without any eligible evidence. I will not release any information to anyone outside of the situation to ensure everyone's safety. I will not confront the member before I know my facts are accurate since I don't want to be accusing a fellow student council member of their power trip. Once I figure everything out, I will initiate a private conversation with the member involved. Rather than getting straight to the point, I'll express my concerns before addressing the issue immediately. I will listen to the member so that I can have a good story of what's going on. If mediation is needed, I will involve a thirty party to help find common ground and resolve the issue before it gets out of hand. If the issue has violated the procedures of a student council member, I will address it to the SLT. If it has not, I will offer support for them to put them on the right path. I don't want to remove anyone from the council if it really isn't necessary. I'll help them fix their mistake and advocate for a change."

Please create no more than 2 detailed events in which the council can use, if you were to join:


A talent show! First, the school needs to prepare for the up-and-coming talent show. A few judges will be chosen. These can be from a diverse of people. There could be one judge for every. . .type of person? Such as student, teacher, team, SLT, and club leader/member. Since the council is organizing this event, it is not a good idea to make them a judge. Open auditions will be a few weeks/days prior to the event. This will help students prepare for their audition. To allow people to know about it, an announcement can be sent out to first promote auditions. The date for the actual talent show can be decided after all the auditions since they may take more than one day. For the actual talent show, a select few of auditions would be chosen. This can be half of the original amount of people who auditions, a third, or even a set amount such as 15. Each student who is chosen for the talent show must come up with a small introduction to show before the audience. This way, they can introduce themselves without any worry. Clubs can also participate in these. Between each show, a game with the audience could take place to make it more engaging. 


Future leaders is basically a club, job, and community rush. This could help students find their skills and abilities all together. This event will be highly interactive and could help those who are confused about what they want to do, a chance at finding their purpose. There will be three "stations". The first station is for clubs. Each club leader and co-leader along with 1 or 2 members can stand in a booth with an activity based on their club. They could even sell things related to their club. For student council, the vice president and president should stand at their booth while the rest patrol and help those who look lost and guide them in the right direction. They could pretend to have a fight going on and have the students see if they can stop it! The second station will be for real jobs. The school can invite the police, doctors, and many others to the rush to allow people to have an idea of what they do. An interactive game or activity can be placed with each job. For police, it could be getting arrested, for the government it could be 'pretending' to be one of the jobs. There are many possibilities. The third station is the community station. This will be for regular people to join in and sell their own things (such as a market I forgot the name of...) or personal shops run by the community to sell their own things. They can even offer internships! This will help ensure everyone is included.

Anything else you would like to add?




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Thank you for applying.
The Board of Education has deemed your application acceptable.

You will receive your roles in the HRP Academics Discord shortly.



disc ; abbatha ♡︎ *:・゚✧

igns ; hweadpat , wantsoju , p6ws

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