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RegalHarp1989 || Vice-President Application

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Minecraft IGN:






Past warnings/kicks/bans:




List any other accounts and/or roles on the server:

ilovemyplanex5 - N/A

Do you understand that if you are inactive you will be removed from council?:

Of course. I completely acknowledge and fully comprehend that maintaining activity will be and is crucial in order for the Student Council to truly thrive. I will be sure that I stay with consistent involvement in the council's activities and responsibilities. However, if unpredictable scenarios are to arise, I will remain confident in my ability to manage and properly prioritise my commitments to prevent any significant impact on my participation.

In the event that, for any reason, my level of activity falls short of quota, I assure you that I will be able to go along with any decision of punishment. Whether it simply be a strike, a demotion, or even removal, I will not make a fuss of it, as I understand that inactivity forces the council to move along less efficiently.

What is your motivation for applying to the Student Council?:

I'm applying for student council because, similarly to my character, I thrive in leadership positions. I’m hoping to have the Vice-President position within the student council hierarchy, which is a role that I’ve had in the real world as well. I’d like to transfer that over to Minecraft, something that enjoy far more than I do the real world. I care for HRP, and upon seeing that this position was open, I jumped of excitement, as it’d be a way that I can come to support HimeraRP in all its glory. As I’m aware, the student council as a whole is new to HRP, which also excites me. I hope that upon being a higherup within this newly founded faction, I’ll be able to support the development of Student Council into being a well-liked and run faction within the server. However, my motivation to apply for the Student Council in HimeraRP goes further than just the personal satisfaction that I’ll receive from being in such leadership roles. It’a also driven from a genuine care for the community and a commitment to contributing to the server's overall success. Having previously held the role of Council Vice-President in the real world, I’d be eager to extend that experience and expertise to within the context of Minecraft.


What are some skills that you have that make you a good fit as a councillor?:

I believe myself to have many qualities which are essential for the councillor position, as well as some that can make me progress further within the council faction. Firstly, I have excellent communication skills. What this means within a minecraft/discord server is that I’m quick to respond to announcements, messages, and requests within discord and in-game. With these quick responses matching with my quick thinking, I’m able to formulate and send appropriate and formal responses to messages within just minutes. However, the use of my agile state of mind doesn’t end just there, it’s also useful when dealing with situations in-game. One of the primary uses of student council within HRP is for managing the student body’s behaviour, similar to how school faculty is meant to. I’m able to assess the situation and provide suitable responses and punishment promptly. This doesn’t mean that my work isn’t quality, however, it just means that it gets done within a timely manner. If I have a more serious scenario which I have more time for, I’m able to use more time to ensure that everything is done perfectly. However, I typically aim for 80%-99%, not 100%. For the last trait I will be listing within this application, but certainly not the last that I can demonstrate, I have good ethics. This means that I have a basic dedication to keeping fairness, integrity, and a strong sense of responsibility within the community(-ies) that I help run. I believe in handling all with respect and ensuring that the decisions made are unbiased. My ethical stance guides me to uphold a positive and inclusive environment within the council, fostering a sense of trust and reliability among the student body.



Ryuriju Seung-yan



Appearance: (a screenshot of your character)



My personality? Well, I'm Ryuriju Seung-yan (an icon)... That doesn’t count as a personality description? I feel like it’s all you need to know. FINE.

If I HAD to describe myself, well, I wouldn't be a coward and not admit that I can come off as a bit smug. However, I think that I'm more confident, assertive, and just not afraid to speak my mind than cocky. You may have heard that I have a sharp edge, but that's just the way I navigate the world.

On the academic front, that's another place in which I shine. I take much pride in my high intellectuality. Theoretical concepts, practical applications – you name it, I've probably dabbled in it (It’s not bragging if it’s just a fact). I bring that same analytical mindset to problem-solving, always looking for innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Now, as I apply for the position of Vice-President, I want to make it clear that my academic AMAZINGNESS isn't just for show. I believe my perfect mix between mental acuity and normal person can bring a fresh perspective to the council, helping the council’s, school’s, and my own growth and innovation. But let's not beat around the bush – I know I can be a bit of a handful. My confidence might come off as arrogance, and I'm aware of that fine line I'm walking.

Why do you want to be on the Student Council?:
Currently, I am seeking the position of Vice-President, a role that–as I’ve been made aware–is one of leadership. I excel in leadership commitments, adeptly managing people, ideas, events, and various tasks. Additionally, I take interest in contributing to the student council, as it offers a valuable avenue for students to engage with their school and make meaningful contributions in various capacities. Only recently have I come to Himera, and I'm eager to make the most of my career as a student here. I am aiming to build myself a good presence within the student body while contributing to its well-being. Sports don't appeal to me, and neither do clubs, so, I've found my interests lying within the Student Council. Uncoincidentally, this is a role I've desired for some time. The idea of helping around the school similar to a faculty member, but not having to have wrinkles, interests me greatly. 

My wanting to be on the Student Council also stems from a genuine commitment to developing positive change within our whole school. I believe in the agenda that states a thriving student body is not only dependent on academics, but also on creating an environment that helps with personal growth and a sense of belonging. As a Vice-President, I envision contributing to the blooming of activities, events, and groups that go far beyond the confines of traditional schools.

What makes you stand out from other applicants?:

I possess a unique blend of skills, experiences, and qualities that may also set me apart from other people hoping for the vice president role. One key aspect that makes me a bit more apt for this role is my undying drive and determination. Throughout my life and schoolwork, I have always held a pursuit of excellence, going above and beyond to achieve my goals properly.

Moving on, my extremely well-developed professional background within my family and friend circles has helped me start blossoming with my own diverse skill set that aligns near perfectly with the requirements of the council’s vice president position. From strategic planning and project management to team leadership and effective communication, I bring a well-rounded set of abilities to the table.



As you are walking in the hallways of Gavatha Academy, you stumble upon a distressing scene! It seems some girls are bullying a young student about his personality. As a councillor, how would you approach this situation?:

To start, Ryuriju would approach the girls and examine the situation. Upon seeing that they were harassing the young student, he would get closer to them, staring them down with a cold look in his eyes. 

/me walks closer to the situation, continuing to stare down the girls. He, Ryuriju, clears his throat to get their attention. Once he had found himself with it, he would speak with a thick tone of seriousness in his voice, “Girls. I apologise, however, you will be required to separate yourselves from each other and this student.” He taps his foot on the ground a few times, his arms crossed. His eyebrows furrowed the longer he waited.

If the girls were to follow his instructions, Ryuriju would ensure that they all intended to stay away from each other, then he'd exit the perimeter. However, he’d go back and check on the girls and young students once or twice an hour just to make sure they weren’t up to anything once more. But, as a councillor, you must be prepared for anything. This includes something as basic as students not following your instructions. If this likely event were to occur, Ryuriju would handle it with the utmost maturity and reasonability.

/me starts to shake, his eyes widening. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, controlling himself. “Ma’ams, I apologise if you were unaware, however, I’m student council. I am not to be disrespected but whatever game you’re playing here.” He tilts his head forwards, making sure that the girls were taking this seriously. After a moment of just staring them down with a vicious look, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a stack of small pink papers. Ryuriju flaunts the stack to the female students, “Do you know what these are? Hm?” He paused. “They’re detention slips. And I’m willing to give each of you one.”

After his threat, he would assume that the bullies would follow his instructions. However, if they did not, he would move on with managing them properly, attempting his hardest to keep his cool.

/me pulls out a pen and writes down the names of the women along with the date on the slips. He then handed them the detention slips. “I’ll see you during lunch.” He sashayed away, his back turned to the group, with a large amount of confidence, he was certain this time that he wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

By this point, a certain amount of FearRP should be taken into account on their side of the situation as detention has been given. However, as I’m just council, I’m unsure if they have to fully follow commands post-detention.

Patrolling through the courtyard, you come face to face with a physical altercation between two boys. They are throwing punches left and right! As a councillor, how would you go about handling this situation?:

Ryuriju walks up to the scene and immediately yells at the top of his lungs, keeping a stern tone in the screech.

/me approaches the boys. Upon seeing that they were being physical, he raises his hands in the air, trying to flag them down, as he did so, he begins speeding up his walking speed. “Boys! Stop that!” he yells at the top of his longs, in an ominous tone. Once he reaches the two, he grabs Boy #1 by the shoulder and moves him backwards, separating the two.

/roll 150

Sometimes, when dealing with students misbehaving physically, the authorities have to get involved physically as well, to get them separated. This is a common technique, however, it has a lesser chance of working within roleplay servers to the pretty universal rolling combat system. If I had lost this roll, I would wait until I could run my action again, then I’d try again until I was able to get them separated. Copy and pastes are looked down upon, so I would rewrite my action each time as well. Once Ryuriju had won the roll, he would give the boys a talking-to.

/me  gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He shook his head vigorously, trying to get a hold of himself. “Just what do you two think you are doing?!he yelled out. Ryuriju brought his fists into the air, his mouth gaping with anger. Not only did that danger yourself, it made my life so fuc- SO HARD.He tilted his head to the side, seemingly confused. He sighed, angrily gripping onto two slips of pink paper from his pocket. “Give me your goddamn names.”

Once more, students are unpredictable. So, I’ve written out two separate lines for this next part. If the event occurred in which the students refused to give Ryuriju their names, here’s what he would do.

/me rolled his eyes, rubbing his forehead. “Are you sure?” He looked back up the boys suddenly, daggers shooting from his eyes. There was a mix of anger, disappointment, and confusion in his eyes. He licked his lips, “If you don’t give me your names, this situation will be taken further.” Ryuriju paused, letting the statement sink in. Then, he leaned in closer, whispering in the two boys’ ears, “The whole school will know. And you may not be welcomed back here anymore.” He went back to standing straight up with his arms crossed. He leaned on his left leg, the other one sticking out forwards.

Going on, he would do as he said he would. Ryuriju would call in backup councillors, faculty, SLT, whoever he felt was needed. He could describe the two to faculty for help to identify the boys, or he could check the yearbook. However, someway somehow, he would either get the two boys to be put into detention, or worse. He should handle such a situation with the utmost care and maturity.

However, if the students had just given Ryuriju their names, here’s what he would do. Just for flow, let’s say that the students’ names are Fred E. Kay and Gerald N. Kay.

/me raised an eyebrow, uncertain if the two were joking or not. “I hope you’re not messing with me.” He yanked a pen out of his shirt’s pocket and began to write Gerald N. Kay onto the detention slip alongside the side. He pushed the slip into Gerald’s chest, letting go just a few moments before Gerald went to grab it.  He’d do the same with Fred E. Kay. After Ryuriju had completed handing out the detentions, he would place his pen back in his sock and the slips back in his pockets, “I’ll see you both after school, eh?” He turned his back and confidently strode away from the two, continuing back onto chewing his gum.

A fellow council member is misusing their authority, and it is negatively affecting a student. What do you do?:

This question completely depends if the misuse is occurring OOCly or ICly. For this reason, I’ve chosen to write of it as both, separately.


Seeing the councillor (whom for the rest of this section, I will be referring to as Kyori Akori) misusing their power in whatever way they are, Ryuriju would take whatever pictures he could of Kyori’s misuse without being noticed by her. Once she had stopped her reign of terror, Ryuriju would make his way to either the council president or SLT to make a decision. He’d offer them his proof to ensure that they would take this accusation seriously. After that, he’d let it be, not wanting to get caught in the middle, and especially not wanting to be called a teacher’s pet.


This would be a little bit different. If someone was somehow able to misuse their IC council permissions OOCly, I’m sure that someone would notice it. However, if fno one did, I would take a screenshot of the occurrence and send it to the council president and/or an SLT member (Academics Lead). I would let the higherups handle the situation, as, similarly to my character, I don’t want to get caught up in the middle. If it was a more urgent situation, I would confront the reportee directly and ensure that they knew what they were doing was incorrect, and I’d report the instance after it happened.

Please create no more than 2 detailed events in which the council can use, if you were to join:

Orientation Day

This event would have to happen closeby to the final release of the server. It’ll be an orientation day similar to those of real life high schools and universities. This event will be announced in the discord around a week before it occurs, letting students know that anyone who attends school is welcome to come. It will take place in the auditorium or gymnasium, whatever area is where you plan on having large academic gatherings. 

On the stage, many role models and figures of the Sirens and Serpents will be placed. Below is a diagram on how I see them standing.


While it’s a bit basic, it gets the job down. In the front will be the Minister and Head Masters along with the Council VP and President. Behind them will be the cheer team, a few club heads, some of the council, a majority of the captains, and faculty HDs.

Once a handful of students have come to the gathering room, the MOE (Minister of Education) will start a speech.

Orientation Day Speeches

Semester Project Fair

For this event, all students will be contacted through the discord announcements channel with an end-of-semester project for them to complete. Obviously, this event will take place during a time that isn’t… real life end-of-semester, as that time is a very busy one for most people. Students will be asked to choose a school subject (Music, Art, English/Language, Science, P.A., Design Tech., Mathematics, History) and they will be assigned a project for their end of semester accordingly. This could be done through the bot easily. It could send out a message in the announcements channel after the announcement was sent by a SLT member. The message by the bot could have buttons at the button to let students select a subject. Then, the bot can send a direct message to the player with a randomly selected project for the subject. The message can also provide a discord to send the works to after they are completed.

Here, I have a table of just a few of the projects I intend to be given out during this event.





Create a melody and record your character singing a song written by themselves or one of the songs in the link below.


You can ‘record’ your character singing by preparing a singing voice description for your project presentation along with descriptions of how their voice moves along the song .

Have your character create a work of physical art that embodies their current state of mind. Have them bring the piece to the semester project fair.

This can be a painting, sketch, mural, or even a sculpture.

You can do this by writing a description of the work of art, or physically making it and sending an image to a council or school higherup.

Have your character write a fictional P.G. short story that has a theme to it that your character strongly believes in. This MUST be done by actually writing this short story and submitting it later on.

Be sure that the story is under 1000 words but over 300.

Create a melody and record your character playing an instrument of your voice to a song written by themselves or one of the in the link below.


You can ‘record’ your character playing the instrument by making descriptions of how the instrument sounds as the song moves along.

Have your character create a work of digital art that embodies their current state of mind. Have them bring the piece to the semester project fair. This can be any form of digital art.

You can do this by writing a description of the work of art, or by actually making it and sending an image of it to a council or school higherup.

Have your character write a non-fictional P.G. biography of an infamous person in an attempt to make them look like a better person. Please do not choose anyone too controversial. 

Be sure that the biography is less than 1500 words but over 400.






Prepare a science project that showcases something that your character understands about chemistry. Be sure that this will not poison everyone at the school, though! You can do this by describing the project and describing what happens as your character goes through with it.

Have your character create a script for a romance piece (PG, no NSFW) and act it out during the semester project fair! Be sure that all clothes stay on, however.

This piece must be 100+ words and under 6000.

Have your character cook up a dish and serve it to the judges! Describe how it would taste with descriptions of it in-game and be sure to describe the texture, shape, and color if it as well.

Have your character research the history of one household item of your choosing. Create a report on said topic and present it at the Semester Project Fair.

Prepare a science project that showcases something that your character understands about physics. Be sure that this will not burn everyone at the school, though! You can do this by describing the project and describing what happens as your character goes through with it.

Have your character create a script for a comedy piece and act it out during the semester project fair! Be sure that the piece is NOT NSFW, doesn’t make any political or racial jokes, and that it isn’t too offensive for anyone in general.

This piece must be 100+ words and under 6000.

Have your character bake up a bakery item and serve it to the judges! Describe how it would taste with descriptions of it in-game and be sure to describe the texture, shape, and color if it as well.

Have your character research the history of one food or cooking/baking item of your choosing. Create a report on said topic and present it at the Semester Project Fair.

Seeing as there’s a smaller nature to the HimeraRP server, there hopefully won’t be a million submissions. Each person with a submitted project will be given and assigned a booth within the gathering centre of the school. They’ll be able to request any additions that they’d like to their booths, which will be added by staff members, leadership team, and the builders.

A few judges will be selected, this may be council higherups, school higherups, clubs higherups, or sports higherups. Whoever they are, they will travel separately and judge people’s booths and presentations as they’re there. All of the judges will share a google spreadsheet which will have the participant’s IGN, RPname, and discord in it, alongside an area where judges can give scores for various categories. Once the judge has properly overlooked a booth, they will add a sign marking “COMPLETE” on the booth.

After the event is done, the gathering area is cleared, and the points have been counted, the winners will be sent out! Winners will be given prizes such as items, money, and possibly even promotions.


Anything else you would like to add?:

Not currently.

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Thank you for applying.
The Board of Education has deemed your application acceptable.

You will receive your roles in the HRP Academics Discord shortly.



disc ; abbatha ♡︎ *:・゚✧

igns ; hweadpat , wantsoju , p6ws

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