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Merillia | General Advertisement Application


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General Information:


IGN (ex. 16chunks)

main: hweadpat
alts: wantsoju, p6ws


Discord (ex. habilitation)



Do you currently have any other adverts?

No, I do not.


Organization Details:


What are you advertising?

A tailoring and artist discord for HimeraRP!
 Here, members of HRP can join and order custom skins and art for their characters, as well as bid on pre-made skins from the auction channel.


What is your organizations name?



Permanent invite link to the discord:



How many people are involved with your organization?

At the moment, we have 11 members in the discord, including 5 tailors and 2 artists!
 Applications are open, and we are looking for more staff, as well as reaching more customers.


What makes your organization unique to others?

Besides Bee's HRP tailoring server, Opaline, I have not seen any other tailoring & artist discords, exclusively for Himera. With the server release coming soon, I wanted to be sure to get my discord server out there for anyone who might need help creating skins/art for their characters

Merillia serves as a hub for tailors and artists, and we hope to welcome builders and writers in the future. It's a space for all creative individuals to flourish and promote their services. As stated previously, if you don’t know exactly what you want to order, we do have an auction channel, where staff can post pre-made skins for customers to bid on. We are actively reviewing applications, aiming to establish a vibrant and thriving environment for Himera players.


How long has your organization been active previous to this application?

I created this discord server back in September of 2023, prepping for the original server release in December. After the server release was pushed back, I used that time to revamp it and be active in finding staff!


Give a description of your organization for the advert:

Merillia was founded by Merliah Nicchi after moving from Amalfi, Italy to Himera. Known as the "Queen of the Waves" while growing up on the Amalfi Coast, Merliah was not only a surfing sensation but also acclaimed for her impeccable fashion sense. As a Korean-Italian individual, her diverse heritage inspired her to delve into both cultures, particularly exploring the realms of fashion.

Nicchi aspires to cultivate an appreciation for various cultures through artistic expressions, including art and fashion. Here at Merillia, all creatives can find a welcoming home.



- By sending in an application, you agree that you'll have to transfer ownership, your advert will be managed by a staff member in the government discord, overseen by the directors, and removed upon any violation of Himera Roleplay rules or discord TOS.

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disc ; abbatha ♡︎ *:・゚✧

igns ; hweadpat , wantsoju , p6ws

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