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Spanish and French

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IGN(In Game Name): Mokhi

What Language are you applying for?: Spanish and French

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): Mo’ci Mun Underville and his twin sister Sae Mun Underville were born in Ponce, Puerto Rico to their mother; Romai Yin, and their father; Alvero Ryn. Growing up in Ponce, they often stuck together; rarely letting anyone in if it wasn’t eachother. Their Uncle; Akio Underville took over when they were around 6 years old briefly after their father disappeared. Akio had developed deep feelings for their mother (of which were not reciprocated) and felt a sense of responsibility over them. As they became older, they often worked at the resorts located on the island together when they could to provide for their mother; who was terminally Ill as well as each other. They learned to cook and developed exceptional hospitality skills. Mo'ci soon adopted the younger brother role despite being the same age as his sister . Mo'ci would often get babied as if he was a child by his sister and his mother, Keeping his childish behavior thought out his teen age years . Through their teen lives, their uncle moved to his hometown in France until they reached about 17, when their mother died from complications associated with drug use. They were deeply devastated by this; losing their drive to contribute to their dreams which called to Akio’s attention. Their uncle soon after brought the twins to Korea and moved from his own hometown, to watch over them in Seoul, where they have lived for the past 4 years. The twins grandparents had a background in Korea so he felt it’d be a perfect place to start a new chapter of their lives. It was their uncle's hope to show them a better life than they had started off with, as he still feels guilty for him and his brothers absence

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: to communicate with my sister when we need to leave a problem

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