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Chained_'s adult application thing ig.

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IGN: Chained_

RPNAME: Eljiro J. Tamashi

AGE: 27 
CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION (OVER 200 WORDS) On January 15th, 1995 Eljiro Tamashi was born into an upper middle class family that were living in Tokyo Japan. On March 19th, 2000. When Jiro was 5, his mother, Sventlana Tamashi, who was half Russian and Japanese,and her husband, Shoji Tamashi, who was Korean and Japanese went through a divorce causing Sventlana and Shoji to go their separate ways, Sventlana going to Moscow, Russia and Shoji going to Seoul, South Korea. Eljiro went with Sventlana to Moscow, as she thought it was better for Jiro. Jiro was usually picked on by others during school because he didn't know Russian and his mother was too stressed to even teach him. February 27th, 2013, when Jiro was 18, he  moved to Seoul, South Korea to visit his father who was now addicted to alcohol and smoking. When Jiro found out about this he tried his best to get him into rehab to end his smoking and drinking addiction, though this was quickly given up on when he realized that he had no actual way of getting money to pay for it. In 2020, his father, who was already struggling with paying rent, and paying bills and heavily intoxicated by alcohol kicked him out of his small apartment even though Jiro needed a place to stay. Jiro was now homeless, too poor to buy food, living off of simple lollipops and rat sandwiches. He spent 2 years living like a homeless man, he made his own cardboard base, where he lived off of the land, until in 2022 a Pink haired man named Kamodo Alto Remissivo found him, remembering when they met in Moscow when Kam was 8. Kam let him live in his home because of the 1495 Jiro gave him 10 years ago. Now Jiro roams the streets of Seoul with Kamodo hoping to rehabilitate himself, and enter into society as a not so homeless greasy dirt bag.



&6&oEljiro Tamashi was a mostly Japanese male who stood at the height of 5’9, He had odd light blue eyes and Greasy black hair. He had an Ectomorphic underfed body that weighed 151lb , along with a scent of Mint and had a worn out childish voice.

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