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Rynixu's Adult Application

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IGN: Rynixu

RPNAME: Seijin Taiko

Age: 28



Seijin stood at 6’3 with a rather built physique as he would tower over most, Seijin was a quiet male a more observant one, being the more chill laid back type to the ones he wasn't comfortable with. He would have jet black hair that would hang down over parts of his face and would have a rather casual clothing sense to match. Seijin would have multiple cuts and bruises due to him getting into fights and training but one thing that stood out was the scar that rested just over his eye his eyes being dark and bland made it stand out the most, Seijin would have a rather unphased expression on his face at all times as he walked his head was always lowered probably because he didn't want to bother anyone, his anti social self didn't have much friends as he didn’t know how to talk to people, The fresh smell of coffee would trail behind him if you were ever to walk past him you would smell it straight away.

CHARACTER BACKSTORY: Seijin Taiko was born off the coast of South Korea on an Island called Jeju it was there he would stay with his 2 siblings and his father, the four of them stayed in a rather old worn-out house with no roof, the house would be kept up by bamboo that would be found on the island on rare occasions when it rained a tarp would cover the ceiling so that they all wouldn't be soaked every time it rained, Seijins dad was broke he had no money to look after them so instead he would work for different more wealthy men on the island trying to earn more money for his family Seijin and his two Siblings had to live off different plants as they did not have enough money for proper food everyday Seijin and his two siblings would stop by the beach as it was peaceful and they all loved to fish it was the only fun thing to do really for them as the island was quite boring as they found it hard to make friends because everybody thought they were strange on the way back from fishing Seijin and his two siblings were walking through the forest and came across a bear the bear would soon approach the three as he walked up Seijin seeing his house in the horizon slowly gestured for his siblings to back up as they would soon walk back slowly leading Seijin to stand his ground he was faced with the bear for a split second before the bear took a swing for his eye the bears claws being long and thick pierced through the skin around his eye leaving it to bleed Seijin was clearly horrified which lead to him scrambling himself to his feet and taking off towards his home which to his surprise looking back over his shoulder the bear had turned and walked off.

He had made it back to his home but as he sat down blood would pour from his eye, Seijin knew his father was too far to help him so he took over as he tore a piece of his clothing off placing it around his head covering his eye as the blood would soon dampen the piece of clothing but soon enough it had worked the bleeding had stopped. His dad finally got back from work later in the night which to his surprise Seijin laid there sleeping covered in blood his dad was shocked as he rushed over to his son waking him up, Seijin then told his dad everything about the bear a more frustrated look plastered over his dads face his dad then grabbed his rifle from the corner of the room and walked out of the house Seijin questioned where he was going but there was no response, Seijin looked down at his two siblings as they laid there fast asleep clueless of their surroundings or what was going on. Seijin edged himself out of bed to follow his fathers footsteps as he headed down into the deep dark woods, a scream could be heard in the distance as Seijin attempted to sprint through the forest bushes wanking his face although he did not care he just wanted to know if his father was alright he had arrived but sat behind a tree as his father was fighting the huge bear all of a sudden his father fired two shots at the bear which would soon fly past the bears head he missed Seijins eyes widened with terror as he locked his eyes onto the bears hand which was now in the air ready to attack his father deep inside Seijin knew this was it as the bear swung his claws deep into his fathers neck his father would gasp for air as blood would spew all over his lifeless body as he laid there, a tear fell down Seijins eye as he scurried himself out of there making sure the bear did not know he was there so many thoughts went through his head as he headed back to his house it was there he then told his siblings about their fathers death they both were sickened as the three brothers sat there crying for hours. The morning after came Seijin was walking into town when he noticed a sign saying boat to Seoul in one hour he quickly ran back up the mountain grabbing his two siblings as he told them the news he told them that they were going to sneak onto the boat, they arrived at the queue but at the side of the pier there was a ledge which they quickly climbed down avoiding all security, the three ran to the lower half of the boat into the engine room as they would stay in there quietly letting nobody know they were there it was very hot in the room as sweat would trickle down his back, the boat trip would seem to drag as the room was that warm the thoughts still running through Seijins head.

Eventually they arrived at Seoul they were shocked they had never seen anything like it the noise around them echoed as the sound of police cars could be heard frequently, Seijin made his way into the city centre him and his two brothers would soon settle themselves there on the streets begging for money day in day out Seijin was sick of it he had to find a way to make money that's when he started scamming people and robbing them of their money and valuables soon enough he earned enough to get himself his own apartment but it was only one bed the three of them would have to share one day Seijin was making his way down the street which to his surprise three guys were jumping some guy, he decided to jump in he rushed up to the two males as he said “Get off him.” which the two males turned to him they looked a lot smaller from far back and Seijin thought he was tall to these men he wasn't they clearly towered over him glancing down one of the males then spoke with a deep raspy voice “Get out of here kid before you get the same.” The other male then reached into his pocket as he slipped out a knife putting it to Seijins neck “Run along.” Seijin was filled with anger as he walked off back to his house he was then greeted with a sign saying free Martial arts training he decided that wouldn't happen again as he started taking lessons everyday eventually he started to get a lot better and would fight all the time it was his new favourite thing. It was Seijins birthday and his siblings were heading to it in their schoolmates car when all of a sudden a drunk driver went into the side of them at a speed of 90 mph everyone in the car was pronounced dead, Seijin had nobody left he was left all by himself at the age of 18. He eventually got a masters degree and left college and went on to seek for different jobs which he then earned a good bit but he didn't stay at them as it wasn't what he wanted and to this day Seijin is still out trying to seek different goals and trying to find what he wants in life.

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