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IGN (In Game Name):



Discord Tag (ex, metsu#7640): 



Have You received any warns/bans in the HimeraRP Server/Discord, if so, list them: 

My record is clean, I have never received and warns or bans. I will make sure it stays that way.


Describe your experience with roleplay:

To summarize this part. I've been playing various role-playing servers for over 5 years now. I learned and experienced a lot during this time. I had my fair share of activities in different types of crime and combat roleplay aswell. I've also been a senior moderator for a roleplaying server called Ridgeston (a roleplay server that shut down) for some time in the past. Therefore, I would say that I have a lot of experience in roleplay.


What is Escalation in your own words:

Well, I would say an escalation is the rapid intensification of a conflict or crisis situation. That's the most accurate way I can think of to describe it.


Do you have a microphone?:

Yes, I do have a mircophone.


List your past BMD applications:



What is your reason for applying?:

I have already worked as BMD on a roleplay server in the past. The whole thing never got boring and always brought a lot of fun and new experiences. All the work in a team with other members of the faction was always lots of fun. I would like to bring my experiences, my skills and my ideas to the BMD faction of Himera and support the BMD in the best possible way. I also want to create good storylines with other players to create entertaining memories.


Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?:

I acknowledge that it is strictly forbidden to abuse my position and advantages as a BMD. 


Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed?: 

Yes, I acknowledge that getting arrested or killed will lead to removal.


What is your knowledge on Black Market:

The black market, a network of criminals with a sense of business. Dealers.

Black market dealers are the entrepreneurs of the criminal underworld. Using the Crime-net they supply gangs and delinquents with all kinds of illegal goods, be it weapons or other goods in order to turn a profit. You can recognize a good dealer by his feel for business, because someone who is ambitious does more than just sell. Be it contracts with criminals and gangs or even offering special services through a branch, the possibilities are endless.


IC Section

(Write this as if your character is in an interview.)


What makes your character Unique?

Unique... when I think about it straight away it's easy to answer, since everyone is uniquein their very own way. My ambitions and ingenuity are a bug part of what defines me. These two things are a quite important thing for someones identity, dont you think so? So far I have been able to get through everything to achieve my goals, so I would say that these qualities have always been helpful. I have no doubt about that.


What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?:

That's an interesting question. - My reasons... well it can't hurt to mention them. I've been following a plan for some time now. I want to settle down in this city, there isn't much work for a bounty hunter like myself at the moment. As a black market dealer, I don't just want to sell goods and get in touch with people who want to play gangsters in order to make a little change. I'm taking this matter very seriously. With every weapon I sell, the streets become less safe. With every conflict that arises, the escalation and the spiral of violence increases. Ultimately, our dear government is being doubted more and more. The longer and further the spiral of violence continues, the more influence we can draw from it. This is what I want to work for, with this moment as the turning point.


Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]

It's against me to tell too much about myself, but there's probably no way around it. So where do I start without much details un unnecassary parts - yes, I was born in the Kanto region of Japan, Tokyo to be precise. I grew up there with my single father, whom my mother had left for some rich scumbag. Early on in my life I was looking for money due to poor circumstances, so I developed a business sense early on - well it's pretty simple, you just adjust supply and demand - whatever... school education I was never interested, instead I occasionally stole from the market and small shops to sell the stuff for the best profit. I dropped out of school in my senior year and decided not to get a degree; instead, I earned my money through crooked business dealings with a local Yakuza clan. I learned a lot there and eventually carried out more and more orders for them. Sometimes a threat here, sometimes personal protection there... it just paid off. However, when the conflict with a street gang came to a head, I left the clan and left it behind me. Instead of going under with the clan, I traveled all over Japan with the money I earned and offered my services as a bounty hunter everywhere. I brought people down, still provided personal protection... only the clients were constantly changing. Which was much more practical. Well, recently I settled down in this city, I'm tired of traveling and I've come up with a plan. And since the services of a bounty hunter aren't available that often, I'm here now.



First and last name:

My name is Tora Hayashi



I will take the name I used as a bounty hunter. "Striker"


Current Occupation Or Hobby:

I've spent the last few years as a bounty hunter and sometimes as mercenary.


 Age (25+):

I am currently 30 years old.



I am a male.



As mentioned earlier I am japanese, born in Tokyo.


Additional information:

I have nothing to add. Thanks for having me.



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After a great amount of review it has been decided that you will not be accepted into the Black Market as a Dealer. You were denied for the potential reasons of:
- OOC Behavior
- General lack of detail
- Lack of activity
- Community Blacklist

The reason you were denied may not be in this list. If you believe else, you can reach out to me on discord: @stardvn

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