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SillySilus - Receptionist Application | School Employee Faction

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Minecraft IGN:

SillySilus. (with the . )

Are you able to speak in VCs?:
Yes, I can participate in voice chats, though there may be times when I'm unable to, depending on the time and if my family is sleeping.

Age (optional):

Time zone:

Past warnings/kicks/bans?:

List any other accounts and/or roles on the server:


Do you understand that inactivity will lead to a removal from the faction?:

Yes, I understand, and I will make every effort to remain active on the server.

What school employee role are you applying for?:

What is your motivation for applying to this position?:

At the time of this application, the server has not launched. I bring a wealth of Roleplay experience, spanning over four years, and have explored various styles such as CrimeRP and DelinquentRP, with the latter being my specialty. However, there was a point where I nearly decided to quit Roleplaying due to burnout from repetition and a lack of motivation. With HimeraRP, I'm eager to dive into a fresh experience and fully immerse myself in this server. My goal is to have a prolonged and fulfilling stay, creating lasting memories and gathering the best experiences possible.

What knowledge do you have of this role? Please be as detailed as possible:

The role of a Receptionist is often underrated; however, their job encompasses tasks that other faculty members may not cover, such as socializing and making students feel welcome. They assist faculty and students in any way possible, including greeting visitors, organizing class arrangements, and serving as a primary support system for teachers. Without Receptionists, the faculty would struggle to perform their unique roles effectively, as Receptionists significantly contribute to the overall well-being of the school.

What roleplay experience do you have that could help you in this role?:

Throughout my roleplaying tenure, I've amassed a variety of experiences that are beneficial for this role. Previously, on other servers, I've portrayed high-ranking figures in gangs and roleplay organizations, so I understand how to behave ICLY to enhance the experience for both myself and others. Additionally, my extensive years of roleplaying will contribute significantly to enriching the receptionist experience I provide for everyone.



What is your character's personality?:
Jiho Ichinose is a sophisticated, independent man who understands the importance of teamwork when needed. He is perceived as direct and blunt, both critically and thoughtfully. Despite his tough exterior, he is actually quite calm and collected, capable of maintaining conversations that contribute to societal improvement. His gentle personality complements his appearance. His distinctive sense of humor often distinguishes him from others, something that will become more apparent in the future.

What does your character look like?:

Best SS I could find!

Walking through the halls of Gavatha Academy, you notice a student bullying/harassing another student. How would you react?:

My character would handle the situation with composure, yet would not hesitate to administer punishment and guidance. Initially, he would intervene promptly, preventing the oppression of one student by another. If the aggressor persists, Jiho would issue a stern warning, hoping to defuse the situation and encourage separation. Should they comply, Jiho would then take the victim aside for a check-up to ensure they are alright and can continue their day, emphasizing that all students deserve the utmost respect. If the bully remained, Jiho would assign a thorough detention to the offender (assuming receptionists have that authority in this server) and report their misconduct to the faculty.

You see a student using contraband on Gavatha Academy grounds. How would you handle this situation?:

Jiho would immediately report the student without hesitation and, once others were informed of the incident, he would confront the student to discuss their behavior and offer guidance for improvement. Additionally, Jiho would seize any contraband, securing it in a safe location or entrusting it to another authority for disposal or potential return at the day's end, contingent upon the severity of the item and the consensus of the faculty.

You see a faculty member disobeying the Gavatha Academy Code of Conduct. What do you do?:

Jiho would observe them and take notes on their activities, then verify their awareness of the violation against Gavatha Academy's Code of Conduct. If they were unaware, Jiho would issue a stern reminder of the expectations and guidelines faculty should enforce for students. However, if they were knowingly breaking the rules, Jiho would promptly report the matter to the senior faculty for the welfare of both the Academy and its students.

Write 3-5 /me's of how your character would act in this role:

1st /me - CONTEXT - Jiho was watching students pass by in the halls from his receptionist front desk. Monitoring behaviour.

/me Jiho Ichinose sat there, his hands idly playing with a spare piece of paper left unused from the earlier morning shift. His gaze swept across the halls, searching for someone in need of his social expertise or guidance. The hour of nonchalant nothingness was clearly wearing on him. He stood up, a mix of reluctance and boredom in his posture, yet pleased to see the prestigious students enjoying their relaxing afternoon. After surveying the hall one final time, he ambled to the back of the room, preparing to lock up for the day until the next shift began.

2nd /me + Dialogue - CONTEXT - Jiho was greeting a visitor off the Academy, and walking them too the Faculty Lounge where they can have their morning coffee and wait for a SLT to arrive.

/me Jiho Ichinose stood by the front gate of Gavatha Academy, waiting for a reporter who was due to arrive today to write a story about the students' well-being. After a 47-minute wait, due to the reporter being caught in traffic, time seemed to fly by. Soon enough, I was greeted by the reporter, Hikija Naiyama. Despite his stern appearance, he carried a clipboard and notepad. I bowed respectfully and said, "Good morning, Mr. Naiyama! I'm Jiho Ichinose, one of the responsible receptionists at our esteemed institution." Following our greetings and handshake, I escorted him to the Faculty Lounge, where he would meet with one of our senior faculty members.

3rd /me - CONTEXT - Jiho was getting catching up with some emails that needed sending out to a Aquarium for a Teacher to verify a Class Trip.

/me Jiho Ichinose had just hung up the phone after a courteous call from a teacher on the third floor. It appeared he had been tasked with contacting the aquarium staff to arrange a class trip, a duty he assumed with a determined look, ready to tackle the keyboard before him. His hands moved to the keys, their tapping echoing slightly in the room. In about ten minutes, he crafted a compelling email, proposing an offer for the school to motivate students to be active and suggesting a visit in the hopes of organizing a school trip.

4th /me + Dialogue (slightly) - CONTEXT - Jiho just arrived 30 minutes before school starts, as he usually does, making sure everything is in order.

/me Jiho Ichinose reached for the doorknob, turning it open as he entered the somewhat disordered reception area. His gaze narrowed as it shifted from one corner to another. "Gah! What a mess... Who would let it get this bad?" he muttered. Setting his bag on the desk, he got to work, organizing the environment to meet the standards it should uphold—stacking papers, filing folders. He accomplished it all in a mere 17 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes to spare. He then eyed the floor, noting the crevices filled with dirt, grabbed a dustpan and brush, and began to sweep while listening to music through an earphone. By the end, he had transformed the space into a tidy room, ready for a long day of hard work, and he sat down, awaiting the arrival of numerous students.







Jiho Ichinose




By staff: Jiho
By students: Mr. Ichinose


21th July 1997

AGE (Min. 25, Max. 75):




Single. Not Married.



Part Russian - Part Korean


N/A - Unable to Answer






Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technologies



Business Technology


Network Administration






- JOBS - 


ICT Consultant


Assistant Manager 


April 2021 - November 2021


Moved Citiies


Retail Work


Storage refill


January 2022 - May 2022


Low Wages - Not what I wanted to do in Life



Business Analyst


Informative Assessor


August 2022 - Febuary 2024


Moved Countries to Italy




Technological Business Studies


June 2016



System Maintenance Networking


April 2018



LOOK OF STUDENTS (200 words):

Once arriving at Gavatha Academy, I will give it my all too preserve the social yet healthy environment people need and want while maintaining that profound and professionalism towards others. I will remain a symbol of expectation and guidance that people might need to reiterate the idea that all opinions are essential too a keen yet equal society. Responsibility is something that should not be taken lightly, as if others wish to succeed in life, they will need an endless supply, which is no different for me. I will remain as responsible in my duties as an aspiring Receptionist, if you will let me. 

Let's discuss the requirements that I should maintain.

Diligence - I am committed to persisting in my work and in caring for students alike. This is an aspect I pledge to uphold.

Reliability - To remain a reliable figure to all, including both students and faculty, so that everyone knows I am someone they can trust and talk to in critical times of need.

Sociable - I remain committed to socializing with everyone to a certain degree for the improvement of the school and the community within the Academy walls, while upholding the amiable persona I strive to embody.


COVER LETTER (300 words):

                                                                                                                                           Dear Gavatha Academy and Hiring Committee,



                          I am writing to express my aspirations and goals, which align with the esteemed role of Receptionist — a position I am keen to fill. With my extensive experience, qualifications, and                                  the necessary attributes for creating a secure environment, I am dedicated to enhancing the safety of both your academy and its students, a topic I wish to discuss in greater detail.

          In the role of Receptionist, I aim to uphold the high standards required for the students' success and to foster a safe space where they can express themselves and depend on us in times of need. My previous experiences as a social figure for both children and adults have equipped me with the life experiences that, I believe, make me the ideal candidate for the job.



Certainly, to earn respect among the faculty, I must uphold the ideals I've acquired throughout life and apply them not only to better myself for the job but also to benefit others, which is my intention. Patience, for instance, is crucial; children can be bothersome or annoying, but what sets receptionists apart is their admirable tolerance for children, an essential quality in our profession. Additionally, in previous roles, particularly in retail, I have assisted children and engaged with them to understand their needs and desires. This experience will undoubtedly equip me to serve as a role model and offer support whenever required.



I am committed to enhancing the societal support necessary for the students of Gavatha Academy to achieve their dreams and goals. Furthermore, I pledge to emphasize the importance of fostering a caring and healthy environment for everyone within the community you are building at your esteemed Academy.


Thank you for dedicating time to review my application letter; I hope it did not cause any inconvenience to your day.


Best Regards,

Jiho Ichinose 





Ichinose, Jiho

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The Board of Education has approved your application.

Please ping @abbatha with a link to this application in the
#help channel of the Academics Discord to receive your roles.



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