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FireHawk's Adult Application #2

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IGN: FireHawk247

RPNAME: Diana Truman

AGE: 26

Diana was born in America, unexpectedly delivered in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Born as the youngest, she was energetic and full of life. The days where she got along with her brother were full of laughter, rolling the grass or playing hide and seek. When she around the age of 6, Diana was found alone by her primary school friend, beaten up by bullies. Diana’s then friend was unsure of what to do and cried for help, notifying the bullies who stalked the area. As they approached her, Diana watched helplessly as her friend was bullied and her friend abandoned her to fend for herself. As weeks passed, Diana attempted to speak to her, noticing her friend grow distant and their friendship ended with the final words of her friend: “I don’t like you anymore.” Crushed by her only friend’s words, Diana acted out, picking fights with anyone who crossed her path. The fighting and aggressive behavior caused a rift between her and her family. After moving to Japan around the age of 12 for a better life, her family encouraged Diana to seek help in which she refused. She then entered high school where her erractic behavior continued. Still in high school, at the age of 18, Diana met Akuma Kataguri. The two were unstoppable as friends; Akuma regularly fought with people unlike Diana, and if he was involved she was there to back him. Eventually the duo dated, up until Diana turned 19 where she dumped him due to his reckless behavior and lack of care for his own life. In college, her focus redirected to fashion design, earning herself a sturdy amount of money to purchase an apartment for herself. However, the work force failed her and after 2 years of financial struggles, she turned to a life of crime. Although Diana had no intentions of partaking in gang activity, a large offering of cash piqued her interest and convinced her to do underground gang work. The operation failed, however, ending in a large brawl where she broke her leg and was later arrested. Upon being released from jail, Diana decided to change her ways. The first order of business was to find Akuma and apologize, believing their break up was unfair to him considering she had the same crazed attitude. She searched far and wide, going to his house and phoning him, but there was no sign of Akuma. Afraid she would never see him again, she participated in more underground work to find his whereabouts, coming to a small home in Seoul, South Korea. Leaving her life of crime behind in Japan, she traveled to Seoul. The reunion was sentimental, and years have passed, making Diana 26, since that day where they live together as a couple.

She is 5'7 feet tall and weighs 143.3 pounds. She would have sleek brown hair and her face would contain freckles. If you were to look at her clothes, you would see a light brown leather jacket and a gray top behind it. She would also wear a pair of holey jeans and a pair of sports shoes on her feet, which look rather small. If you look at her physique, you can see that she has a muscular structure.

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