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Russian and Italian application

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What Language are you applying for? Russian and Italian


How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): On April 1st, 2003, in Moscow, Russia, Kamodo Alto Remissivo was born into an Upper-Middle class family, to a Spanish-Italian mother and Korean-Russian father. His early life was normal, however with a High-demanding mother who expected Him to excel in nearly everything and Failed musician father that tried His best to make up for His lack of use. In early grade school, He was taught Russian as His native language and slowly began learning Korean to go with it. These years were the years Kamodo grew an interest in Korean culture and Korea as a whole, probably because of what he was being taught in school at the time. While learning Korean at school, he started asking his father to teach him the language as well. While learning Korean, He also needed to know how to actually speak to the people around him. Learning two languages was stressful, as he leaned more into learning Korean, he slowly began paying attention less in Russian which caused him to have trouble speaking to people. His father fearing that he'd completely forget the language, ended up teaching him Korean only when he began learning Russian better, which encouraged Kam to focus on equally even if it caused a lot of stress at times. Eventually, He wanted to do more bonding with his mother, which is when he began learning Italian from her so they could spend time together. Although he struggled balancing three languages at once, he slowly began getting used to all of it, being able to Nearly fluently speak Russian and Korean, but still slightly struggling with Italian by age 12. When His mother passed away a month before He turned 13, Him and His family were forced to move to Italy with His mother's side of the family. Here He was forced to learn Italian to do anything in His area, however struggled due to His mental state. He continued learning Russian with his father, in hopes of building a close relationship with him to cope with the loss. In school, He learned Italian along with Korean as an elective, still trying to hold on to the slight passion he had. Although he struggled, at age 14 he finally got sick of only half understanding the people around him, in which he asked his grandparents to help teach him Italian. By age 16 he could fluently speak Russian and Korean, and mostly speak Italian without much trouble, but the stress of learning all three of these would catch up. When Kamodo hit the age of 17, his father passed away in a car accident, this built with the stress of learning three languages throughout his life, paired with many other things burnt him out. When he turned 18, he moved to Seoul, South Korea, where he continued studying Russian and Italian as a sort of tribute to his mother and father.




How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: Since Kamodo is a mostly Russian-Italian man, and since he also grew up in both Russia and Italy, I feel like it'd only be appropriate for him to speak these languages. I also feel like it'll put Kam more in tune with how he's meant to be, trying to keep most thing private between people by speaking in separate languages. It'll also let him insult people in languages they don't understand, while yelling at them in it as an attempt to sound threatening, it'll probably not be threatening at all but it's fun either way.


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