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Adult Application #3

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IGN: CouldBeDumpster

RPNAME: Kai Yokuna

AGE: 23


Kai Yokuna was born in Tokyo, Japan. He is half Filipino on his mother's side, while his father was Japanese. At the age of 3, his two twin sisters were born, Miko and Kinoko. After they were born his father became more strict with Kai since he was a male, saying things like "you'll be the man of the house one day and you need to protect your sisters". Once he was 6 years old, he found out his father was a serial killer, leaving Kai traumatized as he witnessed one of the murders. From that point on he was abused by his father with the abuse only growing stronger once he turned 12. He had discovered he was bisexual. His mother was very accepting of the fact and so were his sisters who were now 9. On the other hand, his father was very homophobic, he had locked Kai in a room for 5 weeks until Kai lied about being straight. His younger sister, Kinoko, knew about this and when Kai was 15, she decided to burn down their house with their father inside. During the process of the house fire, their mother burned alive as well. Sending the 3 to an orphanage. Kai ran away from the orphanage at 16, leaving his sisters behind and taking a boat to South California. Where he learned Spanish and lived on the streets while attending a public school with fake information. Once he moved back to Japan at the age of 18, he and a friend of his had a rather harsh dispute, Kai lost his eye during their physical fight. The reason for this fight was unknown and the two resolved the issue after many disputes afterward. Kai is now 23 years old, he moved to Seoul a few months ago to have a fresh new start. He is trying to move on from his childhood trauma as well as to see new places. This new start may be a good chance for him to do better and at his age, he will be able to make the right decisions needed to have that.


Before you stood a 6’2 male, with a strong, slick build. He would weigh roughly 182 pounds. His hair would be a short medium brown that would compliment his right eye that appeared to be a soft light blue. The left eye would have a large hole where the eyeball would have been. Underneath his left eye would be a large scar going down his cheek. His voice would have a deep, soft tone that was soothing to the ear. The smell of honey lingered behind him.

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