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What Language are you applying for?:

Japanese & Chinese (If applicable)

How did your character learn the language?:

When in a Korean high school, you are required to take at least ONE language class. Byung-chul chose two, Chinese and Japanese. Byung-chul knew he wanted to go into international business, he knew being bilingual would help him in the future if he wanted to make connections beyond just the Korean Peninsula. Byung-chul enjoyed his two language classes, going further into year-long AP classes along with taking tutors outside of school with stolen cash. The two languages excited him because he viewed being able to speak them as a “secret language” because at the time kids really own took an english class and that was it. Years passed and over time Byung-chul found opportunities to use Japanese and Chinese, whether at his. . “work” or at school. To this day Byung-chul still speaks Japanese and Chinese to his clients and family, trying to teach his children the language as well.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:

Byung-chul’s idea of international business involved illegal contraband, so dealings. Byung found that being able to speak foreign languages with clients helped him and his business partners, being able to speak under a “code” that which most Korean police officers didn’t understand. The ability to speak another language to evade police detection helped him a lot, even writing most business letters in traditional Kanji and Chinese.


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Why I denied this is because I feel like the story is too short, and doesn't really represent the struggles that Byung-chul went through to get Both of the languages. And I am pretty sure, you can only apply for one language at a time, so You would have to do two Different Applications. I am unsure though, so don't go off with what I said.

Sorry papi niko:(

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