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Red_Wolf08's Paramedic Application


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OOC Information


DIscord: not mad#5592

Age: 28

Timezone: EST

Do you have a microphone? Does it work? Yes.

Any previous bans/warns? If so, list them: I've been given a spam warn.

Describe your activity within the server and forums? My activity on the server is fairly high already having 5 days and 14 hours of playtime. while my forum activity isn't the highest.

Any previous applications? if so, list them: My past applications are Black Market that has been pending and my Adult application that has been accepted.

What role are you applying for? Paramedic

What motivates you to join the Hospital in BerlinRP? My motivation for joining is that I have several friends in EMS and that I think joining EMS would be fun and interesting, but to also help me take a break from GangRP and to experience something new in RP.

What makes us think you are different compared to the other applicants? Well being a previous GangRPer I'm faster then most and also can think like a GangRPer and can predict most actions of what people may do. I also know advanced self defense and can use that to my advantage if someone is trying to harm my character I am able to evade easily and avoid a conflict that may get out of hand but also I'm aware of simple p2l and DetailRP.

IC Information

Character’s Name:  Enrico Romano

Age (25+): 28

Current Occupation: Unemployed

Nationality: I'm an Italian/Korean male.

Academic Degree: Bachelors Degree

Major(s): (Max. 3) Health and Social, Physical Education, 

Minor(s): (Max. 2) English, Japanese

Languages Spoken:  Italian, Korean, Japanese, English

Backstory: (Min. 100 words) Enrico grew up in Venice Italy with his abusive, alcoholic father Francesco Restifo and his runway star of a mother Hwang Restifo working 24/7 just to pay the bills and still barely make enough for food. Enrico lived 2 miles from school walking everyday and avoiding the gang wars and muggings that he'd always find himself watching a little too closely, watching the people get brutally beaten and torn apart by ruthless Italian Mafias and small gangs. Enrico came home from school one day with a fight between his mother and father where it had lashed out too far where his mother had taken Enrico back to Seongnam  Korea where he lived there till he was 18 where he started studying harder to make better grades before the death of his mother which was killed in an gang war. He always been faster then most having to learn to run away from large gangs carrying a brick of a book bag full of heavy text books and dictionaries which helped him find things he may be good at, watching several people beaten and bruised and offering help gave him the idea of going into the medical field since he enjoyed helping hurt people because it gave him a lighter heart. Enrico now is 28 years old living in Seoul Korea after moving away from him home town now applying to work in the medical field to help people.

Extra Notes: Still in progress of going the language applications done. Also the IGN of the alt is a different account, my main is Red_Wolf08

Official Government Discord:

BRP | Government Discord [CLICK HERE]

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- Please go to the Government Discord and ask in #help for your role.

- Please ask a Admin, S.A or any other higher up to give your role and age!

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Medical Director | Vice-Principle


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