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MochisTea’s Police App


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OOC (Out of Character) Information:

What is your IGN(In-Game-Name)?


What is your discord?


What time zone are you in?

Do you have a microphone?
Yes, I do.

Do you have any bans/warnings on the server?

No, I don’t.

How active are you on the server?

As, I am very active, my activity in general, I would be usually in the EMS as I usually have so much time on my hand with a lot of things going on, but I always make time for anything and would always get on to help out and just be done with the job, I can be very much be there at any time of the week and be active a lot, trying to get things done and being able to show that I can evaluate my time carefully and being able to get back on a Police Force again and try to get myself back into the Police and help the police in general as well.

Do you have any past experience roleplaying as a police officer? If so, list them below.

EclipseRP - Sergeant


OOC (Out of Character) Questions:

Why are you applying to be a police officer?

I am applying for police to show that I am capable to work as a Police Officer and know the qualities of being one, I am very aware of following the rules of SeoulRP and able to abide to them. I will follow anything that will happen and be able to try to fix them with the matter of time that I have, in general. I will make sure to be not corrupted and help others as well as be honest with everyone, the fact, I would be active as much as I can and just be able to be there for the citizens, and not break the laws or rules of the server. because that would be bad COPRP in general. I want to show that I can become a Police again and be able to enforce the law.

What makes you better than other applicants applying for this position?

What makes me better as an applicant of the Police Department, I want to be able to hold responsibility within the job. I want to show that, I’m not taking this as a joke because I know, I will be demoted from being immature and not being able to handle the job properly. I don’t want to show that I’m irresponsible because I don’t want to treat anyone like a slave, because it shows that I’m controlling, I want to take the job as an opportunity to start in the server!

What are your goals in the police department?

My opinion of being accepted is not fully biased as well as trying to know what I want for a goal, but what I want as a goal is to be able to be at service to anyone and try not to use my power to metagame or powergame because that’s not how I am. I know my how I feel like towards unfair situation and try to have a conclusion after that, and doing the best to my abilities to get the job done and be able to know how to do this or how to do that.

Do you understand that you can be removed or punished at any time? 
I understand that I will be removed or punished at any time.


IC (In-Character) Questions:
These questions are referring to the character that will become a police officer if your application is accepted.


What is your character's full name? 

Matthew Herrington

What is your character's gender?


How old is your character? (Must be 25 or older)


What is your IC phone number?

Does your character know any languages other than Korean? (Must have the /lang for this to be applicable)


What academic accomplishments does your character have?

Bachelor Of Criminology

What is your character's backstory? 

Matthew Herrington would be born in Bristol and he would have a quite unusual childhood as his parents would be unknown as they abandoned him as he was just a 4 year old. Matthew didn’t quite understand so he tried to live his life like a normal child while still fending for himself. A bit after his 6th birthday, an Orphanage noticed him and took him in. It was very hard for Miloslav to adjust to everything in the Orphanage due to him living on his own for so long. The other children in the Orphanage mistreated Matthew severely. They would push him around, force him to do things just to get him in trouble, etc. While living at the Orphanage he took a great interest in the Police that would come by to do check ups on the children and for security. Everyday, he would watch them as they performed their day to day tasks. He would even keep a journal and would write down notes. He wrote down everything from what they wore, what they would have with them, etc.

It was like an obsession he couldn’t overcome, he would only ever talk about becoming a police officer when he grew up. The staff at the orphanage realized this and started getting him into classes to help him achieve that goal. After a few years had passed a couple named Oliver and Anna Williams, came into the Orphanage looking for a young boy around the age of 13. They looked at many different children but took a great interest in Matthew. They liked his passion and drive to get what he wanted in life. Oliver and Anna decided they wanted to adopt Matthew, so after the adoption process they took him to Brighton, where they had been living for a while now. He knew that going to Karakura would be a great opportunity for him and his goal, due to the fact that they had a police station right in town where he could learn even more about it. He started taking classes at his local high school to learn more about the police force.

Once Matthew turned of age he went into training and was really good at it due to all of his experience with classes and watching the police at the Orphanage. Once he was finally done with training - he became a Police officer for the Seoul Police Department. His new goal now is to move through the ranks to continue to help keep Seoul safe, as he recently moved from his home country to his new job.

What is your character's nationality?


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Congratulations on being accepted into the Seoul Police Department!
Please ping bradley !#6358 in the Government discord to receive your roles.

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