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Aurelio's Adult Application

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Aurelio "Lio" Shimura




Aurelio was born in the upper-class Shimura family to his unnamed parents. As a child, his parents were rather distant to him yet remained close enough to raise him as a proper Shimura prodigy. Despite his parents’ strictures, he was frequently lingering in his bedroom or the garden doing anything but studying. If not there, Aurelio spent his time roaming the town to hide from his family and family staff. During one of his academic lessons, however, Aurelio snuck off to catch a break from his studies. He was later found by his attendant, hiding in his closet reading a book with a dim flashlight. Although the attendant had no intention to harm him, the family maid took notice from the doorway and informed Aurelio’s parents of his whereabouts. Terrified by the maid’s actions, the attendant attempted to speak on behalf of Aurelio, ultimately failing and leading to his death by a gunshot. After witnessing the attendant’s death, Aurelio was pursued by his father in an attempt to harm him. As he stood frozen in fear, Aurelio faced a brutal slap to the face and fell to the ground, crying and begging for his mother to help him from the onslaught of his father, who only watched with merciless eyes. While the maid who ratted on Aurelio was genuinely sorry, she expressed no remorse for her actions, believing that her snitching would have benefited him. 


About a week after the incident, Aurelio took notice of the young maid’s absence, deciding to investigate one night. However, his curiosity led to him being caught by the head maid. Thinking quickly, Aurelio feigned innocence, claiming that he needed a warm glass of milk from the fridge before bed. The maid sighed, allowing the young master to go, although she grumbled at him and told him to call one of his attendants next time. Once he was down the hall, Aurelio searched the home for the maid, coming to a room his parents forbid him to go in. Faint grunts and faded shouts of pain came from the room as he approached, opening the door to the maid being tortured by his parents. 


As Aurelio stepped forth to help her, his mother went after him, weapon in hand. He cried out at her, begging her not to hurt him before he was caught off guard by a punch to the face from his father. As Aurelio began to lose consciousness, the head maid stormed in and carried him to bed. It was later revealed to him that the maid was tortured for ratting on him, his mother believing a true, respectable son would tell his parents immediately if he disobeyed. Aurelio’s mother even claimed the maid to be a traitor attempting to damage her son’s reputation, which Aurelio was too scared to deny. 


The abuse continued over the years, typically ending with Aurelio trapped in his room to wallow in his studies as punishment after a barrage of hits. However, Aurelio agreed that those days weren’t always too bad considering his sister would sneak in during the late hours of the night to comfort him. The comfort included treating his wounds and snacks to keep his energy up. Enduring the abuse of his family for years, he finally had enough. He grew distant with his parents and cut ties with them, grabbing enough money to sustain himself before leaving. He later purchased an apartment for himself. Aurelio tends to keep in touch with his sister and avoids any contact with his parents.

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