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Aizen Katayama was born in an Italian family in Sicily, Italy. Sicily is known to be beautiful, considering the fact many tourists would come to visit there. Unfortunately, in Aizen's case, he was born in the more poverty side of Sicily. Regardless of being in a low-income lifestyle, he always made the most out of it. Aizen strived to better himself every day, to prove to his family that he will change their lives for the better. Due to this ambition, he has been heavily inclined academically, and he obtained outstanding literature and comprehensive abilities in the Italian language. Aizen took many interests in history, especially ancient Roman history. Aizen would realize the number of places Rome has conquered during its time, and he became more interested in the other cultures that were either lost or dwindled from that time. Taking into account this, Aizen decided to attend a world history class for the next semester of school. The teacher was a kind old man by the name of Igor. Igor was originally from Russia and move down to Italy with the other half of his family. Aizen got along with Igor and was intrigued by his culture and stories. Igor will tend to blurt out some things in Russian if classmates get disruptive, and Aizen sort of mimicked him. One day, Aizen asked the old gentleman of wanting to learn a bit of Russian, which the old man excitingly accepted the request. After school, Igor would tutor Aizen a bit of the basic of Russian, and coming to his surprise, Italian and Russian and similar alphabetic structure, which enabled Aizen into learning a bit more fluidly, however, like learning any language, came with its own struggles. Soon after the semester passed, Aizen had the basics of Russian down, but he wanted to challenge himself and take it a step further. Aizen wanted to move to Russia for a little bit to attend school, and be surrounded by fluent speakers, however, it wasn't that simple. As previously mentioned, Aizen was raised in a poverty-level family, so financing something like that was near impossible. Knowing this, he went to talk to Igor about scholarships or some type of foreign exchange program. Quickly, Igor snapped his fingers and showed Aizen on the computer of the foreign exchange program in Sochi Russia. He mentioned that there were plenty of Italian scholars that went there to finish their masters. This idea excited Aizen, and soon after he went to his family to ask permission to go. Although hesitant of the idea, his family knew Igor very well and took his word for it that this will be a great opportunity for Aizen. Igor was more than willing to finance the schooling for him, which helped his family a ton. During the beginning of summer, Aizen spent his time in Russia, getting used to the area he was residing at, and conversing as he went all over. He'd start developing not only social skills but also getting fluency in the language. Soon after summer ended, Aizen went to this wonderful school in a nice part of Sochi. However, looks can be deceiving, a lot of the students noticed Aizen's lack of compression of Russian, not to mention his heavily deep Italian accent. They made fun of him for it. . .  This heavily discouraged Aizen to continue his education, however, he came across this guy named Dustin. Dustin was incredibly nice, however, was also a big troublemaker.  Dustin and Aizen talked, and they soon started becoming best friends. Dustin was skilled at martial arts, which intrigued Aizen into learning a bit more about it. Dustin took jujitsu in this small dojo and noticed Aizen was being made fun of at the time, so he offered to take a couple of classes with him. Aizen did not hesitate and was heavily excited to learn something sophisticated. Aizen and Dustin continued to attend this dojo all the way up to his late high school years, and by this time Aizen was intermittent skill-wise at the martial art, but also became a lot more confident in himself. At this point, Aizen would be fluent in Russian, while also developing a bit of the actual accent, however, his Italian accent would still be more prominent. Dustin one day started getting in trouble with the law, and one day ran up to Aizen and talked to him about leaving the country. Dustin desperately needed Aizen's help to escape the border and needed the money to do it. Aizen, although extremely hesitant, agreed into assisting him to escape. Dustin told Aizen to meet up at a place, around midnight, to which Aizen went. A car was parked, and Dustin whispered him over and told him to help him jump this wall, which Aizen assisted him in getting him over. Aizen waiting for Dustin, noticed a sign that says this was a bank. Aizen's eyes contrasted noticing what he was doing. Dustin then threw a couple of large duffel bags and jumped over the wall. He'd enter the car that Aizen was in and screamed ''Come on let's go!''. Aizen was in extreme panic, hearing the alarm ring. He'd drive off rather fast, and Aizen felt betrayed by Dustin, by putting him in danger. They came to a point on a large bridge that slightly came towards the border of Korea and Russia. However, the cops ended up blocking the bridge, in which Aizen panicked and ended up ramming into the side of the bridge.  Quickly Dustin got out and jumped off the bridge, which Aizen saw the cops coming, knowing that if he complied, he would be dead either way. Aizen as well, jumped off the bridge, closing his eyes and accepting fate. After falling through the water, everything went dark, as it were to see that Aizen has died, but that was far from the truth. . . Aizen opened his eyes and noticed he was lying in a hospital bed. The men and women surrounding him were speaking a language he's never heard of. He'd start having a panic attack; however, he was so securely strapped on the bed, he didn't move.  Aizen would start yelling in Russian, but then one of the doctors calmly as well spoke in broken Russian, telling him ''It's ok''. After some time, a translator came into the room, talking to Aizen about what happened. Aizen refused to talk about it, as it would give him away as a criminal, so he'd give hardly any context, other than crashing on the side of the bridge. The translator was extremely nice to him, even offering him a place in Seoul. Seoul was extremely inexpensive, and he could easily finish his school, however, Aizen knew nothing about Korea, not to mention even speaking it.  The translator happened to be a teacher at Seoul high and assisted Aizen throughout the education system. Struggling his last year in high school, Aizen took his time after graduating to become more fluent in the Korean language, and eventually a few years passed with the guide of his translator, he became fluent in the language. Aizen, after the tragic event that happened with his ''friend,'' decided to pursue criminal justice and law, which now gave him a role in the SPD. Aizen will now start his new journey as a cadet, learning along the way in Korea and helping out the community that took him in a bad place.  




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