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Hospital Nurse APP


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O.O.C. Information


I.G.N.: MiuLols


Discord: Satan#4979


Age: 18


Timezone: E.S.T. (Eastern Time Zone)


Do you have a microphone? Does it work? Yes, I do have a working microphone.


Any previous bans/warnings? If so, list them: I have no bans/warnings, and hopefully, it stays that way.


Describe your activity within the server and forums? My activity on the server is pretty active as I am on around 1-6 hours, maybe longer if anything is exciting to do that piques my interest, or when my friends want to join in roleplaying with me for just the fun of it. This includes being on my alternate accounts to explore and slightly fool around. My forums activity is pretty low, but I'll probably be more active after adding biographies and character information pretty soon and hopefully update them every week/month to their current lives.


Any previous applications? If so, list them:




What role are you applying for?Nurse


What motivates you to join the Hospital in SeoulRP? My motivation is to get more experience roleplaying overall! I want to learn more about my role that I hopefully get along with detailrp particular scenarios, as I want to be able to detailrp situations soon enough. Along with reaching more knowledge of what every department does for the hospital, I only know what psychiatrists may do. I can grasp everything and hopefully help others in roleplay with that knowledge to the best of my ability. My other motivation is to help others icly and assist them with whatever they may need as I want to try something else in a new small server.



What makes us think you are different compared to the other applications?I am different from other applicants due to the past knowledge I have within roleplay wise, knowing/predicting what type of situations there may be in the future. Mainly with dealing with flash events that may happen on the server ex: Fire, Tornado, or animal attacks overall, and knowing what to do altogether with complicated situations that need a hospital worker on the scene. I will benefit the team due to my fast learning skills and communication to understand specific issues that may go on in the hospital faction. I can also learn from the possible mistakes I have made in the past or current time and quickly correct myself to be successful and not set myself up for failure again.


I.C. Information


Character's Name: Miyoko Imahori


Age (25+): 25


Current Occupation: Unemployed


Nationality: Russian


Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science in Nursing(B.S.N.)


Major(s): School nursing, Nursing science, and Emergency Room/Trauma Nursing


Minor(s): Hospital administration, psychology


Languages Spoken: Russian



 Miyoko Imahori was born into a Russian and Japanese that is very vocal; she had many complications early in her life. She had some Selective Mutism; it's a severe anxiety disorder where a person cannot speak in certain social situations. Selective Mutism is a complex childhood anxiety disorder characterized by a child's inability to speak and communicate effectively in select social settings, such as school. These children can speak and communicate in environments where they are comfortable, secure, and relaxed. She expressed a desire to say that she is held back by anxiousness, fear, and embarrassment, which was a sign in her early life. When she got older, enough to speak, her family took her to the hospital in worry due to her speaking on most occasions, just not out in public or crowds of people. 


However, she wasn't diagnosed as they thought fidgeting, eye contact avoidance, lack of movement, or lack of expression in feared situations was a summary of some 'shy' phases. It was left untreated for most of her childhood which caused it to worsen anxiety and social difficulty when it wasn't addressed during her childhood to get the therapy and help she needed. Her family moved to Osaka, Japan, due to business and money reasons, along with the fact that some family members had lived there and would be able to assist them with housing for a short amount of time when settling in a new place. She collectively learned the new language and got into Japanese at the time so she'd be able to speak to people during scary situations or complicated situations. She cannot speak for the whole day due to early life trauma, which will cause her not to speak or her inability to communicate clearly with other people vocally. 


Upon moving to several new schools, she went to therapy and got help to treat the Selective Mutism she was diagnosed with; she often checked in with her family members. She had many sessions with her psychiatrist and was put on other medications. She then slowly focused more on her family due to their health complications and their mental health going downhill. Later on, within the years, she went back to medication to get better than she was already feeling and got assigned to a new medication that wasn't so strong for her. She'd need it more from the lack of discussions she couldn't engage with. At the time, she was trying to train herself through ballet during her high school years to make herself able to get The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) with a major in Dance provides a professional degree program for students with prior Dance. Sadly, she had many foot and ankle injuries within years of practicing and going on stage. It had gotten to the point where she got severe damage during one of her on-stage performances, and it was her breaking her leg while damaging her feet. 


It got to the point of not performing into the career she originally wanted to go through and had to quit due to the costs of the dance classes and her medical expenses. Miyoko realized how much nurses and hospital workers had done for citizens and realized what she is interested in, to help others at their worst like she was when she was in her despair. Instead, this time she'll carefully help others, so when she graduated high school, she decided to get Majors and Minors within nursing schools, searching possible hospitals that need nurses. Along with studying to become a nurse herself, she volunteers to help around the hospital, mainly with the children section.


When she graduated, she moved to Seoul. She found out they had an opening for Hospital workers within the department Miyoko wanted to be in; she had learned Korean in advance, so she understood the citizens of South Korea and her coworkers mainly. Even though she may not fit their beauty standards, either way, she will stand her ground to help other people, primarily younger groups of citizens who may go through a life-changing movement as she did. It can come off as a horrible thing they may see in their point of view of the best type of change they have been waiting for all of their lives; she mainly wants others to see the positives of things and change what they want to be initially. 


To something they may enjoy overall more, she wants to be a positive role model for others who may be struggling in life, money-wise, or mentally wise where they can't get the grasps of their thoughts onto one thing overall. Miyoko herself knows where they may be coming from as she had to quit due to the expenses of everything at the time and had to go for something more realistic to do overall if she put her thoughts into it. She wanted to do something to help others instead of herself and her own selfish needs.


Extra Notes: Never seen a nurse role in any roleplay server before, so I hope I'll maybe make a good nurse with the experience I have from past roleplay servers and training from their discords.

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MiuLols [EMS] Miyoko Imahori

DominoEffectzz [29] [Teacher] Izuke Takahara

MiuDeath [32] [Citizen] Edith Tsunawaki

MomRP [22] [Shopkeeper] Min Yang

Discord: Satan#4979

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- Go to #help and ask for your role and also for a higher up for you role, in game.

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