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BearDucky's Police Application


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OOC (Out of Character) Information:

What is your IGN(In-Game-Name)?

BearDucky (Applying with my Alt as 'AtkoiSimp')

What is your discord? (EX: bradley !#6358)


What time zone are you in?


Do you have a microphone?

I sure do!

Do you have any bans/warnings on the server?

I have had no bans/warnings.

How active are you on the server?

I've been on threw out the week for nearly a whole day and night. I will remain active in present and future things, I tend to be very active during weekends, for week days I will be able to come on after I have finished School/College, at least spending a few or more hours at a time. The benefits of me being on constantly on the weekend is that I rarely have anything to do resulting in playing Minecraft aka SeoulRP, so I spend the majority of my time on Minecraft overall! Slowly increasing my activity one day at a time on the server as I find it quite fun and enjoying. 

Do you have any past experience roleplaying as a police officer? If so, list them below.

 I have played on many servers such as roleplay servers, I've understood the rules of SPD/Police officer jobs threw different servers. But none on the current server (SeoulRP). I guarantee that I will learn fast as an officer as I have the knowledge due to friends having this role. It shouldn't be that hard to understand the role as its best to remain concentrated when listening to a superior or higher ranking than you may be. Whether this be cadet or Senior officer.

OOC (Out of Character) Questions:

Why are you applying to be a police officer?

I want to become an officer as the role has significance as well as meaning to roleplay, I have seen multiple Gangrp moments where people have ran around without being caught and are getting away with nearly EVERYTHING whether its murder, cutting off limbs, stabbing or simply knocking someone out. Also my motivation to join has been boosted by people mentioning how not only is it rp but it is actual good and not boring roleplay at which someone may gain actual experience and fun off, instead of being boring and not interesting. The confidence and energy the friends give off from being in SPD actually draws me into SPD as it makes me understand its not about stopping gangrp, but having good rp overall within the server.   

What makes you better than other applicants applying for this position?

What makes me different is that I'm me, a separate, determined, co-operative, hard-working, and focused person as I tend to check before hand, possibly even asking someone whether things are correct or not, receiving a helpful answer. What makes me better than other applicants is that I'm willing to focus and put a lot of work into this delightful role. As it is one of the most active and productive roles on the server. Finally I'm one of the better applicants because I learn fast, as it  helps reduce gangrp quicker. Making people actually able to roleplay without the fear of being killed and drawn into escalation. 

What are your goals in the police department?

My goals are to reduce Gangrp from being so easy, and to decrease the amount of crime that has been gotten away with for the past few weeks, such as gangs running round with weapons and purposely leading cops to execute them. I want to stop this from being so easy, by sticking in pairs like right now it will be best to have officers cover each others backs. My main goals though, are to shorten the supply of weapons being held by civilians and crimes who have the intent to harm a civilian/student for their own benefit, in fact overall to say having a weapon is not tolerated and should be arrested immediately without hesitation. Last of all I want to pressure Gangrp as it has many people joining it and having them get easily rich from new players that may have recently joined the server.

Do you understand that you can be removed or punished at any time?

 I understand that the punishment given to me may result in my removal at any time.

IC (In-Character) Questions:
These questions are referring to the character that will become a police officer if your application is accepted.

What is your character's full name? 

Nakuzao Ezuno

What is your character's gender?


How old is your character? (Must be 25 or older)


What is your IC phone number?


Does your character know any languages other than Korean? (Must have the /lang for this to be applicable)

No, Nakuzao has gradually started to learn his home language (German, will be applying for soon!)

What academic accomplishments does your character have? 

He had received a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. 

What is your character's backstory?

Youth: At a young age of eight years old, Nakuzao had been the top grade within his peers, having achieved his Maths, English and Science awards during his school life. His parents rummaged threw rubbish and dirt to help accomplish the boys dreams. His dreams searched high and low as he dreamt to be a soldier like his idol, known as his uncle. Sadly the day of the deployment the cargo at which his uncle sat in was shot down leaving 57 dead, 14 wounded, and only 26 left alive. His uncle was one of the ones who had survived, no longer after being gunned down by the heavy machines which sat upon the desolate beaches. Years past, grades gained, and improvements were made. Nakuzao strived for glory and strength as his determination set key on becoming a super solider.

Teenage Years: After he moved to a higher and more educational school, focused on physical education as well as science, and criminology. Being one of the few recruits to within stand the merciless trial that placed them there. The weeks past, being taught how to aim and fire a pistol, and taser at a hostile target, he lacked confidence having been sweating his whole time there. His thoughts flooded his mind like waves, his mind full of the cherry blossom trees that danced with the winds touch. The process relaxed Nakuzao as his consciousness regained power, having stood high and tall for his once alive uncle. Having past all his classes and having gained his bachelors in his later life, his time had come, his time to be released into the would of war and mayhem. Having been deployed in a dangerous and hostile area, his tags hung upon his chest as if it was the keys to life itself. Clenching his tags he hope for the best as enemy soldier's bombarded their head quarters which was stationed in enemy territory. A blast went off mere feet away from Nazukao, having his arms shield him from the blast as they were bruised with the flaming marks of the devils breath. 

Adult hood: After his withdrawal from combat he relied on funds from the army which had been given to him for his incredible services within the deployment. Barely staying alive as he maintained his rations. His life switched as he applied for a small job, having picked himself up from the cold and dark ground. He realised his Bachelors, and thought to himself. As disappointment flooded in, he regret his decision. Applying for the position within the army once again, he was unfortunately denied as his service had been carried out, being told to wait until he was the age of 26 years old, having been 25 years old, Nakuzao saw no other option. Crouching down as he fell to the ground, what he thought was rubbish swept him in the face, he removed the mystery form and took one glance at it, 'Apply to be an officer today'. He rose with excitement as he ran to the station, writing an application and filling it out as he prayed for the best, slowly waiting upon further information about whether it had been accepted or not, now being the age of 28, he relied on this opportunity. 

What is your character's nationality?


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