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ItzGracenBTW's Nurse Application (GamerPopballYT's sister)

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OOC Information

IGN: ItzGracenBTW

Discord: 5ERO#6960

Age: (Optional) 14

Timezone: CST

Describe you activity within the server and forums? I go on Forums once or twice a day and I play the server for a total of 48 hours a week

Previous warns/bans, if so list them: None

Links to previous applications, if so, list them: None

What is your chosen School Employee role? (Nurse, Receptionist, Tutor,  Janitor & Teaching Assistant) Nurse

Do you acknowledge the rules of the server? Yes

Do you acknowledge being inactive for a certain amount of time will lead to a demotion? Yes


IC Information

Character's Name: Layla L. Lel

Age: 30

Current Occupation: Unemployed

Provide 3 /me's of how you character fit into the chosen role.

/me She'd place her first aid kit onto the ground as she’d drop down onto to both knees, slightly bending over and gently bandaging up the male causing the blood to stop, she had then put on some disposal clean gloves to make sure when touching the cut she didn't put any kind of bacteria or germ in the cut that would cause it to be infected.

/me She would take a alcohol wipe from a med kit and gently wipe the males cut, making sure it was a clean cut and didn't get infected, then she'd put on a medium sized ban aid that would wrap around his whole leg.

/me Layla would slightly open her right eye to see a male laying on the ground with blood on the side of the male's face, she'd then dash swiftly towards the male laying on the floor that had just been hit by a football on accident, the female would then apply a bandage on the side of his face pressing down with pressure to help stop the bleeding, she had then grab a paper towel and wipe the blood that was on the outside of the band aid.

Graduation Year: 2013

Major(s): Math

Minor(s):  Science

Academic Degree: Bachelors Degree

Backstory: Layla L. Lel was born in North Carolina. Layla L. Lel lived with his dad considering both of their parents were divorced, they had a little sister that was living with their mom at the time. Layla L. Lel was 10 years old when her mother and father were divorced. When Layla was 17. her dad died, she was by her self poor, and homeless. Rui S. Slayer's big brother was named Layla L. Lel she tried getting a job but every job she tried to apply for she just got denied because she was not just not right or clean enough for the job. Until one day Layla saw 1k dollars laying on the ground she was hesitating to give it back she thought and thought what would happen is that was her money she took it and when someone approached her asking her if she saw their money she said yes then asked how much the male responded with "I had 1k cash on me". Layla said ok and then handed is back to the male, the male was so happy he had split the money with her considering she just helped him get his money back. So 1 hour later she goes to the store and gets a business suit then for a cheap price and then she got on a plane that took her to Russia and she decided it was time for a change, so she went to a city called seoul and she got a apartment with the left over money she had and she was broke again. She saw a big highschool near her apartment and wondered if they need more staff. She was ready for the job considering she was broke / poor again and need a job to help pay her rent and keep her alive. She wanted to go as a Nurse being that she majored in science and helped her mom with being a school nurse when she was 9. So she had some experience with helping others with wounds and more etc so she quickly went to the school and ask the staff if they were hiring Nurses they replied "Yes, why?" Layla says because she needed a job that was Nurse because she would be a great one and the school shortly interviewed her and she was accepted on staff team for the school and was announced as no longer broke and now has a job, allowing her to become very rich and have shelter to live.

/Minimum is 200 words/


/Minimum 50 words for each scenario/

What would you do, if a group of students aren't behaving within the school grounds? I would tell them to chill out, because if they don't then people will see your character and they will know that your a bad person. I would also tell the student to "note that people goes off of your character and it may be good know for a fact that you should always be a leader" if they listen to me everyone would want to hang around them considering they follow the rules and the school knows him for being a appropriate person that follows the rules and others rude follow him and do the same. In other words setting the example for the school to know your a good person.

What would you do, if a student isn't being respectful or forceful to another? I would politely ask the student to stop and be respectful and give him a 3-4 sentence lecture on the rules of the school and then I would ask them if something is wrong, like if someone is harming them or forcefully bullying the student if they say yes I would ask who and if they can describe them. Once the student tells me I would make word to the teachers and tell them to tell that student to stop. If they say no and there continuously being disrespectful ill get a teacher or the principal to calm the student down or give the student a farther punishment.

What would you do, if another School Employee is doing something that's hazardous? If a teacher is doing something against the rules in other words "hazardous" I would ask the teacher to "stop as it may cause the students to act out of hand considering I am being nice and respectful following the rules but you aren't". Then if they continue then ill record it with my phone and send it to the dean or principal of the school to punish or talk to that teacher that had just did something against the rules that isn't allowed.

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