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Danny Herrington




Danny Herrington was born in a city called Small Heath Birmingham, He's the only child in his family at that time. He started wearing suits at the age of 10 as he used to get taken to school by his father who was always in a suit so Danny thought It would be nice if they look the part. So of course Danny continuously wore suits to please his father as well as his peers however, At the age of 15 he moved to the city now known as Seoul to take up a role as the High school Track captain, Ever since Danny has been in Seoul his main goal is to see how many people he can get to either like him or fear him, If he doesn't feel connected he will make sure you fear him. Danny has always wanted to be the centre of the spotlight so that's kind of where his Ego was born when he was given the role as Captain as well as his mini God complex, However Danny lost the role handing it down to someone who deserved the roll of Captain more than he did.

Danny lives in a disclosed area keeping his thoughts to himself, Danny has also had thoughts of starting his own organization within the city to be able to take over some parts of the town and move in to one of the towers under the Herrington name. Danny would also try and be able to withhold a rather strong group if he does decide to do this since he has seen his fair share of violence so he knows exactly what to do with it all.

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