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Language application

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What Language are you applying for?: Spanish and Russian

How did your character learn the language?: Takida Ryn Kataguri's mother, Sai Ryn Kataguri was born in puerto rico. His uncle, mochi ryn who acted like a father figure for most of his life is also Latino, speaking fluent Spanish. This means Takida would be half Latino and half japanese from his birth father Akuma Kataguri. Akuma kataguri is a japanese gang leader who can fluently speak Russian. His mother is also fluent and expressed a desire to teach Takida Russian for his life in gang activities. Several other family members had exposed Takida to Russian at a young age including his step father, Vincent Verretti. Takida struggled with learning Russian the most considering its complex alphabet and sounds. Spanish came somewhat easy from hearing it a lot from his parents.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: In gang RP speaking different languages could be beneficial to hiding secrets. Its also for private conversations with his parents or anyone else who can speak said languages

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