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My adult app reapply 33 though

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IGN: LeviPorkKnife (If that dosnt work ItsLevii)

RPNAME: Vincenzo Morozov

AGE: 18 (applying for 33)

The 6'3 female would be wearing a pair of gloves and the female would have dark brown hair and would have a soothing and strong Italian accent, Vincenzo Morozov the 6'3 18 year old girl was born in Rome Italy when the female was born she glimpsed at her mom and her mom said "She is  so cute!" Vincenzo would be smiling when the mom picked up the kid and took her out of the hospital with her husband and they got into the car and they saw a black figure...? In the middle of the road and Vincenzo was being stared at, the mom tried as hard as she could to go home but the black figure followed her .. once they arrived at  home there was the black figure standing there... Vincenzo didn't know what to do at all the black figure ran at Vincenzo grabbing the kid and ran off the parents were crying and they saw the black figure bring them to a car the black figure drove to this abandoned house broken and creaky the female got pulled into a deep dark basement and there was a fridge some chains and Blood?.. the female was kept down there for 10 years.. the female saw a figure outside it was her.. mom!? her mom had a hammer and smashed the window the black figure got known as 'KILLER' Killer heard the smash of the window he ran right down and Vincenzo was being pulled out the window 'KILLER' Grabbed the kids feet and pulled her down.. throwing her into a locked room behind him and her mom got pulled down and got killed by 'KILLER' once Vincenzo came out she saw the dead body on the floor Vincenzo cried out for nights and nights.. Vincenzo came up with a plan to get out  by the time she thought of this she was 11 years old the female Vincenzo found a sledgehammer in a closet she grabbed it and ... slammed it into the window and  got out 'KILLER'  wasn't home Vincenzo  found tickets to Seoul City She yelled "YES!"  The date of it said September the 3 2035 and.. it was September 2 2020 the female rushed to pack.. The day is September the 3 2020 3:12 AM the female ran to the airport and got on her flight the plane was HUGE once she had time to enter she showed her flight pass and the ticket she moved onto the plane and went to the females seat and once it started there was a voice that said "Hello everyone today we are going to Seoul city!" The people on the plane clapped loudly.. The plane took off into the air and  the plane was really good and sturdy until.. The right engine started to mess up. It was pretty close to Seoul City. The plane was getting pretty low and it wasn't high enough and the plane hit the ground. The only people who survived were Vincenzo and some old man and  she asked the old man are you ok?! The man said yes the girl since they were close to Seoul she ran to Seoul and by the time that happened she was walking the streets being 33 years old Never ever seeing the females parents again.



 Have a good day!

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