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Language Application

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IGN(In Game Name): Karvv

What Language are you applying for?: Spanish and French

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): Akio Semenov Underville was born in Annecy, France January 15th 1990. He grew up there most of his life as his mother left his father for another man in a different country his sister Ayvin Underville Semenov was born. He swiflty learnt french as his native/first language and continued to move onto bigger and better things as the years went on. He used flash cards and read books in french which helped him learn the language, since it was also always spoken around him he also picked up on things that were said. Around the age of 10-11 his older brother (13) had gotten a female pregnant (14) in Puerto Rico, and him and his father had moved to Puerto Rico to help out with the twins, by the time Akio was 11, the children were both. He had to swiftly learn Spanish to help teach his niece and nephew how to talk. As he grew, he moved away at the age of 16 to finish his career in Korea, he continues to study and do things that have to do with French and Spanish to make sure he remembers clearly the languages. He always used flash cards and his brother for help. Akio fell in love with the twins mother when he was 15 and she was 17. As soon as he had moved away he had gotten her name tattooed onto him. Once he was around 17 he heard that his brother (the twins father) had left the twins life when they were younger, and their mother had died. He took a trip back to Puerto Rico, picked up his niece and nephew and taught them french as well as Korean when they got back to Korea.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: This benefits my character's roleplay because it fits with his past well, and his family mostly all knows Spanish and French. He also constantly grew up speaking both languages which I didn't mention in the paragraph. His father could speak both french and Spanish and slowly taught him both. His father tended to French more and forgot to completely teach him Spanish so when he moved to Puerto Rico he learnt it pretty swiftly. This would also help within the roleplay as it would explain how he knows so many languages and he would seem smarter this way.

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