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IGN: MiuDeath
RPNAME: Edith Tsunawaki
AGE: 32

The female standing before you would be standing at 6'2. She had dark freckles all over her face, along with her body and hands. She'd have heterochromia eyes. Her left eye would be blue, as her right eye would be a pigment of green. Her hair would be pretty odd-shaped as the front would have longer hair as the back would be shorter. She'd have a slight smile that would feel unsure of her surroundings. She'd have scars on her hands along with her legs as if it seemed like scratches of sorts, many old and pretty recent ones. She'd have a mesomorphic body with a faded tattoo on her right shoulder.

Edith Tsunawaki was born in Lyon, France, and lived near the canal. She lived on the second story of an apartment building most of her life. They lived in the middle-class, which was enough to have a stable life; struggling at times, mainly with medical bills, keeping up with Edith's dancing/skating, and expecting expenses from the classes she took. She was born and raised in a Eurasian family. Her mother was French as her father was Japanese; while growing up, it was difficult for her to pronounce things as she usually mixed up French and Japanese words, often mispronouncing them. She was commonly made fun of for this; sadly, kids would pick at what she said and bully her over saying simple words wrong or with an odd accent when going to school. During school and her childhood living there, it was subpar besides being made fun of because of her difficulty learning the languages fluently. Educational-wise, she was an astounding student who had a C-A average academically. She comprehended most of the subjects she had to learn and study. She also had a decent friend group, even though it was pernicious when it got chaotic with petty drama. Sometimes, her friends would talk about each other behind their backs. 

Years later, She obliterated someone's life by accident during the need to stand up for herself. She didn't know how it would affect that person's life throughout their days, as she was doing something correctly for herself, which would only lead to her selfishness. The person was ruining her life by spreading rumors, tiny snippets of her life and how horrible it is, putting her apartment address around the hallways, and even telling lies about her. It was to the point where Edith had second doubts about the friends she made, as no one else knew besides her friends. They have been targeting her for countless months and got to the point where Edith just wanted to drop out, to start fresh. As a result of all of this and her pointing her finger at people blindly, everybody neglected her except a couple of friends. She had to survive in a turbulent world; she started a new life and battled the elements with only her ingenuity and wisdom. 

When she had reached high school, She often did ice skating and dancing as she did with a passion, more than ever, as it was the only sort of happiness she had, an ounce of joy in her life. By the age of 14, she lost her mother to lung cancer because her mother had been a big smoker during Edith's childhood. Her father ended up becoming an alcoholic due to the stress caused by the loss of his wife, where his daughter is now, as well as the lack of income, the costs for every competition, dance lesson, and her medication. It got to the point where her neighbors called cops many times from how violent the father would get from drinking. They had made a report against the father and started a case against this. CPS discovered the poor living conditions she was living in due to her father's alcoholism. Edith's father was imprisoned for child endangerment and neglect, and she was then placed in the care of her aunt. The living conditions with her aunt were better; it wasn't perfect; however, it was better than the one she was living in. This time, she had moved into a better area and was raised with her cousins at the time. Luckily, she attended a new school and had a new life. Though she felt she was missing something deep down. It was as if she was missing part of her family, mainly her father. She knows that he is currently in the wrong place and needs help from his alcoholism. She wished him well but often visited him to see how better he got from drinking as much alcohol as he used to; sadly, her aunt would restrict visiting her father. She would have to sneak out often to see her father monthly. It can't be every weekend, or the aunt would find out her frequent sneak-outs to visit the father.

When she turned 18, she instantly moved out of her aunt's house and moved in with one of her friends; it was hard for her to get the share of the rent. This was because she struggled with little to no money and had four part-time jobs to fill in; sadly, during this time, people didn't pay her much due to the appearance she had and many complaints they had with her, mainly with how odd she looked. It was because people would often not come because of her physical appearance. She found out that most of her co-workers get paid more. She still worked hard as she wanted to get still the rent money that she promised to her friend to reach every month. She also had to buy many things like food, clothes, and personal hygiene products. It got so bad to the point where customers would personally attack her about her appearance in subtle, passive-aggressive ways to say things. She was often used to these remarks due to her being grown in that type of toxicity, but she soon realized that her jobs were not worth it. She should probably try and get a better job, mainly with four part-time jobs, and that she can try and do better, and she didn't need to be in that horrible point of place she was at currently.

Overall, she realized that France wasn't for her; she realized she could have just moved with the money she had saved up when she had those four part-time jobs. She could have a new life and a new area that would hopefully treat her better than during her hometown and where she lived with her friend. She started to look up other sites where she could stay where it wouldn't be too harsh on her and affordable, somewhere she could probably get citizenship. She found a lovely place in the seal, and she always wanted to learn the language Korean, mainly because she wanted to fit in another area where she didn't need to use French as much. Of course, she would have to be around fellow family members, and other people may know it. Still, the language has put her into a slight hush that she didn't want other people to know she was French mainly because of her physical appearance and the horrible history it gave her.

At the age of 29, she moved to Goyang-si, South Korea. She wanted to have a feel of the citizens and the language at the time. It was so she could get many years to learn Korean and understand the many personalities people may have so she can act accordingly to those specific people with the possible emotional sensitivity they'll have. Overall she has struggled most of her time reaching the point of being associated with the language and can express at least a few sentences without breaking into another language. Even though she has been staying there for a while had learned the language within two, almost three years. It may be considered slow as a person like her who knows multiple languages should take as they are known to learn other languages faster than a beginner trying to learn another language. On the way to her success, she has been using many ways to study. Such long conversations and just carrying with her friends in the room to focus on certain words and phrases she must say understand how to pronounce as they may be necessary for things as in the family titles, how to greet people and say goodbye. She got better within the later years to understand her but in broken Korean sentences. Although she may need a translator for a more extended conversation, she got the hang of it during her late fifth year learning the language; even though she mostly mastered it, she still struggles to say certain words and phrases in Korean.


By the age of 32, she had moved to seal as you want to start another new life even though she does have care and friends she will promise to visit them as it's not that far, she wanted to have her own life after mastering the language and not in the struggling sense. Even though she does say words in different languages sometimes by accident, she understands that she's not perfect she's just human and should be one, not some robot that automatically has an answer for everything or a person with no flaws. 

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MiuLols [EMS] Miyoko Imahori

DominoEffectzz [29] [Teacher] Izuke Takahara

MiuDeath [32] [Citizen] Edith Tsunawaki

MomRP [22] [Shopkeeper] Min Yang

Discord: Satan#4979

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