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IGN: e4c4

RPNAME: Uji Tanaka

AGE: 35

CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION: Uji was born into a decently wealthy family. He was born in Kamakura Japan. His father was a gang member while his mother stayed home all day watching Uji. Uji barely saw his dad because he was out doing illegal stuff like murdering. Uji didn't find out about this until he has 8. Uji didn't like this and tried to get his dad to quit. His dad refused and he later was shot and killed in a fight with cops. This left Uji with only his mother and the house they lived in. Eventually when Uji was 18 his mother had passed. He inherited his parents' money and bought a plane ticket to Seoul. He landed in Seoul and lived in up until present day today at the age of 35.

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