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Police Application Repost


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OOC (Out of Character) Information:

What is your IGN(In-Game-Name)?:

What is your discord? (EX: bradley !#6358):

What time zone are you in?

Do you have a microphone?

Do you have any bans/warnings on the server?
No, I do not.

How active are you on the server?
I play 20+ hours a week

Do you have any past experience roleplaying as a police officer? If so, list them below.
 CityRP Police

OOC (Out of Character) Questions:

Why are you applying to be a police officer?

I'd like to try something new and be a part of something that is expanding. I believe the server will turn out to be one of the best RP servers, and I want to be a part of it, as well as try something new in RP, as I believe this will be an excellent and exciting chance. I want to also try something different as I'm used to business RP and gang roleplay,  it seems like an exciting opportunity to try out new roleplay.
What makes you better than other applicants applying for this position?

I am committed to joining the SPD, and You should choose me above other applicants because I believe I would be a valuable addition to the team and provide everyday action! On most days, if I'm needed, I can respond immediately. I am a hard worker, and I have great team skills when it comes to working with other people oocly and icly.

What are your goals in the police department?
If I were approved, I would attend every meeting, training, and other event (unless I had to work OOCly), and I would devote myself to becoming something that is an important part of roleplay, and do my absolute best to be the best police officer I could be.

Do you understand that you can be removed or punished at any time?
 I do, yes.

IC (In-Character) Questions:

These questions are referring to the character that will become a police officer if your application is accepted.

What is your character's full name?
Mayumi Fumika 

What is your character's gender?

How old is your character? (Must be 25 or older)
What is your IC phone number?:


Does your character know any languages other than English? (Must have the /lang for this to be applicable)
What academic accomplishments does your character have? :

Masters in Criminal Justice

Minor in Forensic Sciences

Minor in Psychology

What is your character's nationality?


Her life was sufficient as she was born in 1994 in Osaka, Japan; her mother was a professor at the local college, and her father was a police officer. Mayumi, on the other side, was teased throughout high school because her father was a policeman, but she never let that stop her from reaching her ambitions; for example, she graduated valedictorian of her class, going on to attend her local college to seek a degree in law enforcement and forensics. She moved to Seoul when she became twenty-four years old, intending to start a new life there. She wanted to settle into the new city and thoroughly study how things worked.

Mayumi would watch people, taking in her environment in order to learn more effectively because she was a visual/physical learner. She then decided it was time to apply to the SPD, hoping that her application would be accepted because she wished to follow in her father's footsteps. Her father was a well-liked figure in her community, and she aspired to be just like him. Mayumi's mother abandoned her and her father when she was six years old for another man she had met, leaving her father to care for her, which prompted her to desire to be just like him in nearly every aspect. She used to prowl around the house in his police cap, in the name of the law, commanding her toy animals to stop! She had been taken on numerous ridealongs (the safe ones, of course) with her father as she grew up, and she had always wanted to be like him, and now she had the chance to do so in this new place.


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Congratulations on being accepted into the Seoul Police Department!
Please ping bradley !#6358 in the Government discord to receive your roles.

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