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Police Application

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OOC Information:









Bans / Warnings

I think I've had 1 warn but apart from that clear


I would say I am pretty active, logged on daily

Past experiences as a Police Officer

I was previously Police Commissioner on SoLRP and I have been Lieutenant on EclipseRP


OOC Questions

Why are you applying to be a police officer?

When I was previously a police officer, I enjoyed the roleplay style very much and having experience in GangRP, it is always interesting to see situations from a different perspective. I know I will be a good colleague to the other officers and have their backs and that because I am on smoke. I don't think I know a lot of the poeple who are already in the police department so I will be looking forward to getting to know them all.

What makes you better than other applicants applying for this position?

With my pervious experiences as being a police officer, a higher ranking police officer and leading a police department as commissioner I can say this puts me above most other applicants as I have been through training and such in the past, so I will be able to progress much faster than others. I have had experiences in a range of different situations involving PoliceRP which I have learnt from and can put to good use as a police officer in this police force.

What are your goals in the police department?

My goals is of course to climb the ranks as any other police officer would want to do and make a good example for the police force. Obviously other goals like preventing fighting and gang violence but that is just the officers duty. Making stable relationships with other officers is also compulsory to maintain good chemistry within the force and allowing situations to run smoothly with each others trust.

Do you understand that you can be removed or punished at any time?

I understand


IC Questions

What is your character's full name? 

Kelechi Ibekwe

What is your character's gender?


How old is your character? (Must be 25 or older)


What is your IC phone number?


Does your character know any languages other than Korean? (Must have the /lang for this to be applicable)

Currently he does not

What academic accomplishments does your character have? 

He studied Criminology and Criminal Justice in University

What is your character's backstory?

Kelechi Ibekwe, born in the Capital of Nigeria, Abuja. Crime was rife within the city and it became a common occurrence in Kelechi's life, but he despised it. Gang Wars were happening right on his door step, and his parents finally called it quits and they travelled over to England so Kelechi could pursue his education. He had always wanted to become an officer of the law after his past experiences with crime and as he grew older, he joined police cadets at the age of 13 to live his dream. He learnt many skills there which helped him pass his education paths of Criminology and Criminal Justice which he took in his time at University. He managed to get a job at his local police station which he was thoroughly enjoying before he discovered some of his higher ups were corrupt and supplying gangs with weapons, so he urgently left. Luckily for him, he had an overseas offer from Korea, to join the police force as they found great interest in his previous achievements. He applied at Seoul Police Department which he hopes to get accepted into so he can finally achieve his goals of becoming a respected police officer.

What is your character's nationality?


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Unfortunately your application has been denied. Feel free to reapply in 14 days.
Your application has been denied due to one of the following reasons:

- Punishment History
- OOC Conduct
- Activity
- Lack of Detail
- Lack of past experience

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Bradley | @fwlust
Staff Manager


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