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Police Application.


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OOC (Out of Character) Information:

What is your IGN(In-Game-Name)? My IGN is MazerBlade.
What is your discord? My Discord is: Maze#1910
What time zone are you in? My time zone is CET.
Do you have a microphone? Yes, I do.
Do you have any bans/warnings on the server? No, I don’t.
How active are you on the server? I’m active almost everyday! Depends really oh the time I leave for work or when I have college classes. I usually pull an all nighter though.
Do you have any past experience roleplaying as a police officer? No, I don’t. This would be my first time if my application gets accepted.


OOC (Out of Character) Questions:

Why are you applying to be a police officer?  I’ve always had a dream of becoming a police officer in real life. I want to help people build trust and respect for the police. Treat people of all backgrounds fairly. Work to help people understand the law better. Make people feel safe and secure. I’ve always felt a calling to the service to be honest. I’ve been raised in a way to respect the rules and laws, to behave, to treat people the way I’d like them to treat me.
What makes you better than other applicants applying for this position? I am physically fit, mentally tough, and I feel to have the right personality for a work of a police officer. To sum it up, considering my strengths, personality, and preferences, I find a job of a police office an excellent match.
What are your goals in the police department? I just want to help restore the order in this country. Sure enough, I cannot become a politician or a law maker with my education. But I still believe I can have some impact on society, making sure that criminals do not ruin lives of other people, at least in this city. Honestly I realize how bad it is here, all the challenges you face with drug dealing, home violence, and other issues. I would love to help address them. That’s the reason no. 1 of my career choice.
Do you understand that you can be removed or punished at any time? I completely understand.


IC (In-Character) Questions:
These questions are referring to the character that will become a police officer if your application is accepted.

What is your character's full name? Mazikeen Smith.
What is your character's gender? Female.
How old is your character? (Must be 25 or older): 25
What is your IC phone number? 746098888
Does your character know any languages other than Korean? (Must have the /lang for this to be applicable) I applied for French and it got accepted so I’m now waiting to get it in game.
What academic accomplishments does your character have? Criminology and Criminal Justice in University
What is your character's backstory? Mazikeen was born just on the outskirts of Paris, France, mostly known as the countryside. She was an only child. Mazikeen has been taught to always follow the rules and respect the law. Her parents were very strict. When Mazikeen was just four years old, she discovered her love for the police. It was her true calling, her parents didn’t think of it as anything serious since she was only a child and they thought that it was just a silly dream. However, as Mazikeen grew, her love and passion for the police only grew stronger, while everyone else would go out partying, Mazikeen would stay at home and watch Police shows and Crime solving documentaries and such. When she graduated High School, she decided to attend a Criminology and Criminal Justice in University. Her parents were against this at first but Mazikeen did her best to make them let her go to this University. Mazikeen was so happy when she found out that her parents finally agreed to this, she did excellent at her University and finally graduated. However, France wasn’t exactly the place that she wanted to work at as a police officer, she instead started searching for job offers around the world. During this, Mazikeen’s parents decided to send her to Seoul, Korea. She found an article in where it said that the police department is looking for fellow police officers, so Mazikeen decided to apply, hoping that she’d get accepted.
What is your character's nationality? French-Korean.

Edited by MazerBlade
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                                                                                                   "𝐈𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐜𝐚𝐧'𝐭 𝐟𝐢𝐱 𝐢𝐭, 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐭!" 


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Unfortunately your application has been denied. Feel free to reapply in 14 days.
Your application has been denied due to one of the following reasons:

- Punishment History
- OOC Conduct
- Activity
- Lack of Detail
- Lack of past experience

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Bradley | @fwlust
Staff Manager


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