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NikoRP's Hospital application


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DIscord: NIK0#6382

Age:  15

Timezone: CET

Do you have a microphone? Does it work?  Yes i do

Any previous bans/warns? If so, list them: Nope

Describe your activity within the server and forums? I don't have much.

Any previous applications? if so, list them: SPD Application 

What role are you applying for?  A Doctor and Paramedic!

What motivates you to join the Hospital in BerlinRP?  Well  I want to join the Hospital on SeoulRP Because I feel Like me oocly knowledge of being a paramedic can be used and help others if they need it! My Motivation is to help out as much as possible and climb up the rankings slowly!

What makes us think you are different compared to the other applicants?  Well I have ooc knowledge of most EMS trainings as I'm a paramedic in training oocly! So that aspect would make me stand out and cause I'm online 24/7!

IC Information

Character’s Name: Niko S. Nowak

Age (25+): 26

Current Occupation: None

Nationality: Polish

Academic Degree: Level 3 First aid

Major(s): (Max. 3)  Psychology Sociology and Public health

Minor(s): (Max. 2)  Health and Ethics 

Languages Spoken:  South Korean thats it

Backstory: (Min. 100 words) Niko age 18, was born Poland he didnt have many friends but he had a few that would talk to him , at a young age he would be shy there for making it hard for him to learn or speak Polish , he would be a very athletic boy but people didnt acknowledge that. At a young age his parent left him so he moved into his grandparents house who btw are native polish. his grandmother would teach him polish so he could speak to others and make friends easier, hed also read a lot of books to learn more complicated words just for the sole reason of impressing his grandparents, at the age of 13 his grandparents sent him to South Korea to get a higher chance at better jobs and overall education.

Extra Notes:  None

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- Go to #help and ask for your role and also for a higher up for you role, in game.

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