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IGN: l_K1NG_l

RPNAME: Vladimir Novikov

AGE: 26

CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION (OVER 200 WORDS) - Vladimir Novikov was born in Moscow, Russia to a Russian mother and a English father at a young age he got involved in petty crime like stealing from shops and robbing bikes but when he turned 17 he got involved with a group of people that dealt in illegal items he mainly delivered bags and got paid for every bag he delivered on one occasion someone tried robbing a bag he was delivering but he managed to fight them off and get away without losing the bag that's when he had a sit down with the boss of the group and got involved in the distribution of the illegal items making a lot more then when he was just delivering bags but when one of the people got caught trying to sell a weapon to a undercover cop he offered to snitch on the entire group for immunity that's when Vladimir had to leave Moscow and move in with his Fathers parents in Birmingham, England and make a fresh start but without knowing the language Vladimir couldn't socialise with other people so he asked his Fathers dad to teach him how to speak a bit of English so he could speak to the people in his area but when he turned 25 he wanted to make a fresh start where no one new him so he went to Seoul

The Half Russian Half English male stands before you at around 6'2 and weighing around 165lbs. They would have a firm but strong build and would speak with a russian accent, would have a gold pocket watch in there pocket.

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