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Kermit the frog and the Riots in Seoul.

Wasted Time

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Kermit the frog also known as "Kermit" jumped out of a building a few years ago. Reports states that he jumped while yelling "GREEN LIVES MATTER!" Until then, the Seoul citizens started rioting against the government in the hopes of breaking it down. They formed a group called "KERMITLAZIA". Protesters often wear green caps and green bandanas, some even have painted their hair to green. Most of the rioters went around at police barricades and threw kermit plushies at them. There are numerous officers wounded by the flying kermit plushies. The police responded with Kirby-plushie launchers. Chief states that he and all his comrades were also in a desperate situation because of the loss of Kermit.. We will never forget you, Kermit the frog. You'll always have a place in our hearts..

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