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oSinner | Yuri Yamakage Sagong | 26

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Yuri Yamakage Sagong : ‘Young’



Yuri Yamakage Sagong grew up in Japan with her younger sister Mun-Jee and her adopted twin sister Daisuke.

Yuri had always been interested in music, and knew that her dream was to lead a music label of her own one day. She moved to South Korea with both of her siblings, Mun-Jee being the youngest.

Music has always been her biggest interest and finally being allowed a record label floor strictly for her in one of the prettiest towers was a win win for her. She quickly began decorating and getting to work, when her sister Mun-Jee dropped her the news that she would be moving back to Japan to regain her life. The truth hit Yuri when she realized it’d only be Daisuke and Daisuke’s dad around her.

Yuri’s life quickly took a turn for the worse, because despite finally having a record label and finally achieving what she wanted to become in the first place- she felt like she had lost more than she had gained.

Mun-Jee would call her every now and then, but in between calls and recording people's songs, there was a massive focus on gangs and criminal activities for Yuri. She had no clue where she fit in, until she met two boys who took her in as family, they stood up for her in front of a few other people, and quickly introduced her to life as a criminal.

As she turned older, she had been in jail 3 times already. Daisuke was always the one to take Yuri’s fall. She always paid for Yuri’s bail and made sure she had a chance to see the outside of the iron bars once again. Little did Yuri know how much danger she put those around her in by getting herself jailed.

Needing to put someone else as the face for the record label, she introduced herself to plenty of investors. Picking them left and right, as she selected and made a beta male version of herself, forcing one of the males to be the cover of her business plan. Because they both knew it was just a scam to gain money.

True, Yuri had always had a sense for being liked by others, and for liking others. But she never had intentions of becoming the next Lady Gaga or Baby Mix. She knew that the next big star was clearly not her, she couldn’t even play a note on the piano.

Yuri knew her business couldn’t be with her face until she turned at least 25 or 26 before telling the media, because she was selling alcohol at the bar on the second floor. She knew that had the cops searched her place and realized she wasn’t even legally 20 yet, she would be in major issues. However her business seemed to run smoothly after she finally took over it when she turned 26, officially listing herself as the owner of Young Records to the public.

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