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BearDucky's Adult Application

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Iuzoko Neinz




Early Years of Life: At the age of 5, Iuzoko had lived in Japan. Moving threw countries such as China, and the Philippines, this issue was the lack of money. Neither parent had a job, neither sibling had a job. Stranded in the busy and dangerous streets of China, having only just moved out of the Philippines, everything went down hill. The streets of China were not safe at night time, having thought threw the occasional thief or mugger, the family of 5 fled to a nearby village as it rested with shelter for the unfortunate. Iuzoko got a job working as a designer at just the age of 15 years old, having lacked any designers or workers in the village. The gradual growth of his mind begin to feel older as he picked up the traits from his parents old minds, 'Hard-working, is key to success', remembering the quote as if he was 7 years old again. The farms began to blossom with vegetables and flowers, being harvested for people to devour or wear.


Mid life: A few years passed, now at the age of 18 his desire to become university student grew, having spent a year or two in a community college. His ambition grew deep in the seed of his heart, having thought the war for so long. He was unwilling to give up, as his determined behaviour could have been enough to lift the sword out of the stone. His hard work did pay off, and it was successful as his achievement stuck deep to the cloud of hope, being accepted into a university in Japan, having learned a lot about design and production, his thoughts shifted to Science, fixing cars was intriguing to him as a 20 year old young male. Not not did he relied on his courses but he shifted into the motor workshop as he fixed and designed cars, still keeping his childhood job as a designer, he kept that in order to hang onto. . . His resting parents, as the same year Iuzoko had been accepted to his university his joyful mind turn into a devastation. His parents were killed by unknown causes, leading to an unfortunate cold case. Having hope that his present self would have made his family and friends proud. Aging towards 23 years old, his course was complete, having gotten a job in Korea as a architect, designer and home scientist which he didnt spend much time on. Yet remained in a job paying and suitable job within Korea.


Later life: At the age of 26, his life got better as he was promoted multiple times as he grew better and better at his lovely and fantastic job. His goals were reached yet still missing home. He flew to Japan, back to his home town where he stared at the bed of flowers beside the cold and dark stone which planted its self in the damp ground. His parents laid there as he proved his achievements to them having showed that he had stood and fought for them, his trip was short lasted as after the day past, he started to get worse and tired, the evening passed, he passed out having been sleepy. Morning came and his bags were packed, rushing threw the hoard of people as he arrived at the plane, having boarded ready for his course home. Home at last, he rested again. Being now the age of 27, his life was gold and everything he loved and achieved, he had. 

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