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Yuhara 'DP' Hikosaburo

AGE: 35


Yuhara Hikosaburo was born in May 5th 1987 on a early morning, He was born in Germany, He'd grow up in a orphanage after losing most of his family and his parents in a fire, The male was adopted by the Hikosaburo and took their sirname, The Hikosaburo Family took Yuhara in as one of their own greatfully, His foster siblings didn't treat him no differently as a biological sibling the Hikosaburo family decided to adopt his biological sister as well named Sijotaka I. Hikosaburo, The male grew up in a crime filled City of Berlin, Surrounded by drug addicts and criminals, The male got into the world of crime at the age of 12, The male would commit petty crimes throughout his years in life, stealing money, until he eventually earned enough for a plane ticket, he'd move to Japan at the age of 17 he'd commit several crimes in Japan before moving to Seoul at the age of 20, He'd spent many years in Seoul getting locked up multiple times, He'd have a small life of crime in Seoul before marrying a woman named Masuno Miyushi, The male would have a son and one daughter, The male would live a healthy life in Seoul doing many things.

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