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Italian and French APP.

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IGN(In Game Name): Miudeath

What Language are you applying for?:  Italian and French

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): 


Edith Tsunawaki was born in Lyon, France, and learned French and became fluent in that language during her long childhood period while living there for most of her life. She wanted to remember the language she first learned and become more knowledgeable with different vocabulary senses. Hence, she started writing her flashcards to learn more about the language and got a private tutor to help her out, using flashcards and powerpoints while she was with that tutor. It originally was difficult for her to learn the language's many vocabs as she never used it during her daily life while in school nor at home, but she finally got it after a couple of years. She was challenged a bit by learning it because she kept pronouncing the words wrong, and the tutor almost gave up, until one day she finally got it, and she can now speak it somewhat fluently. Whenever she wants to have a lesson to make sure she's not rusty, she would have it all down in notes if she wants to study her language. Also, to have a break from the overall real world to focus on her mother language.

Later on in life, around her teens, she was interested in Italy and its culture; she wanted it for the overall knowledge of a particular culture that she was determined to get a grasp of. She began to learn Italian for two years with the help of a mentor/tutor who knew Italian and by other sources such as books, poems, and music surrounding the language and culture. It was mainly to practice easy conversations initially and surround herself with friends who knew the language. Due to her friends also knowing this language, she'd be interested to understand what they're saying, mainly having conversations with them. To help her learn Italian throughout the years, she bought and borrowed one of those "teaching yourself Italian" textbooks to get a rough understanding of how the language works. She Immersed herself in the language! By joining Italian language meet-ups with her friends and trying to hold a basic conversation with them to the best of her abilities.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: 

This benefits my character's roleplay because it fits her past well, and her family knows French. She also constantly grew up speaking the language; later on, she'd get into Italian because she was interested in the culture and wanted to learn this language early in life. This would also help within the roleplay. It would explain how she knows these languages due to Edith keeping tabs on both languages during her free time or whenever she feels like she forgets the correct words to say during its context.

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MiuLols [EMS] Miyoko Imahori

DominoEffectzz [29] [Teacher] Izuke Takahara

MiuDeath [32] [Citizen] Edith Tsunawaki

MomRP [22] [Shopkeeper] Min Yang

Discord: Satan#4979

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