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Exbkis's BMD Application

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IGN (In Game Name): Exbkis
Discord Tag (ex, metsu#7640): 
˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞  ˞˞˞˞˞ ハッピー#0001
Have You received any warns/bans in the SeoulRP Server/Discord, if so, list them: 

One warning for OOC Toxicity
Describe your experience with roleplay:
I've been roleplaying for many years now, I've done all sorts of roleplay, Hospital Roleplay, Gang Roleplay, and many more such as School Roleplay, I've had a pleasant experience and I continue to Roleplay, I have enjoyed all of my time roleplaying and I feel as If I will keep roleplaying for many more years, I've had a good experience on multiple roleplay servers, SeoulRP and Roleplay Hub are my favorite roleplay servers, I have yet to try to FantasyRP but I will try in the future to play that subject of Roleplay, I have roleplayed on Gta 5 as well, I've played many roleplaying games in my life, I've roleplayed so many times, and I do deeply enjoy roleplaying, I have good experience with Gang Roleplay as well, I've done many things in roleplay, Let's talk about the subject of what I've done in School Roleplay, I've currently been playing on my Yuhara Hikosaburo character in School Roleplay, I've been on SchoolRP for close to a year now, not exactly but for my guess of when I started I think it would be around, 6-8 months ago, I seem pretty new to SchoolRP but I do have decent experience, I've learned how to p2l, properly roleplay, seriousrp, gangrp, schoolrp, businessrp, and cityrp, I've learned many more things such as permissions and all of the rules that I need to be capable of playing SchoolRP, and I plan to examine many more rules of SeoulRP as in the way I've done with SchoolRP, I heavily prefer SeoulRP as it is something new to my roleplay experience, Not being too different but it is something different than Karakura Japan in SchoolRP, I've also been a owner for a server and a 3d modeler, I have good experience with all types of Roleplay overall, I've had many good years of Roleplaying and I hope to see this application get accepted.
What is Escalation in your own words:
Lets talk about it my own words during a situation, Escalation is a rapidly increasing conflict or something rising, Escalation has many uses during Gang Roleplay, Escalation is experience that advances in every action made, Lets start with a basic example, User 1 Goes up to User 2 and demands they give them large amounts of money or they will be psychically harmed, User 2 denies, and User 1 starts a conflict of Verbal Assault calling User 2 several Profanities, User 2 would bring rapid profanities back to User 1, User 1 begun psychically assaulting User 2 in this scenario User 2 begun psychically assaulting User 1 harming each other before it escalates, User 2 happens to have a pocket knife and would draw the pocket knife causing a larger escalation, User 1 in a third person view has thoughts of majorly harming User 2, User 1 would reach for their pocket grabbing a pocket knife as well, User 2 would stab User 1 in the arm, User 1 would kick User 2 away, User 2's friend User 3 comes into the situation, a fellow Gang Member of User 2, User 3 would run up with a Katana in hand attempt to slice User 1's neck, User 1 would fall onto the ground bleeding after User 3 had just sliced his neck open going into the aortic aorta, User 3 would reach for his phone calling 110 asking for backup, seeing as User 3 had attempted to kill him, User 3 would attempt to leave dragging along User 2 with him, They were both masked leaving little to no evidence except for a dying User 1 and blood on the ground, and this is what I think Escalation in my own words, as well it could be seen as a small disagreement between User 1 and User 2 turns in a major conflict in other words.

Do you have a microphone?:
I have a working microphone, I don't talk very much but when required I will talk.
List your past BMD applications:
N/A (I do not have any past BMD Applications)
What is your reason for applying?:
The reasoning why I am publishing this application is because I'd enjoy taking my Gang Roleplay experience further, and I'd love to be a Black Market Dealer for many reasonings one, I'd love to meet the Supply and Demand of weaponry in SeoulRP, and I've never experienced being a Black Market Dealer and I'd love to expand my knowledge about the Black Market in a perspective of a Black Market Dealer being in a first person view instead of always being the buyer of weaponry, I want to experience it for myself, and I think I'd be fit for the position of a Black Market Dealer, I'd really want to play as this role on the server, and I hope I'm fit for the position as I feel as If I'm qualified.
Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?:
I do acknowledge that I may not abuse the fact that I do get weapons for cheaper prices for my own benefit, I will prevent from doing so and I understand that there will be consequences if I do so for my own benefit, and I understand this completely, and I will not do so as it may result in a removal of my roles and maybe a warning or temporary ban.
Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed?: 
I do acknowledge that if I were to be arrested or killed as a Black Market Dealer that my position will be revoked and removed, and I will prevent from doing so.
 What is your knowledge on Black Market:  

 The knowledge of the Black Market I have, Lets start with Weaponry prices, The first item we have on our list is the "Tactical Gas Mask" and this item sells at ₩10000 The "Tactical Gas Mask" provides protection against harmful chemicals and also discloses a players identity also this item is legal but also comes with probable cause to search, and lets talk about our second item which is the "Wooden Bat" this weapon sells for ₩10000 this is a legal weapon, The third item on our list is the "Shovel" which is priced at ₩15000 this item is legal, The fourth item we have is the "Pocket Knife" that goes for a price of ₩25000 this item is Illegal, The fifth item we have is the "Sledgehammer" which goes for ₩40000 and is illegal, and for our sixth item we have the "Katana" which goes for a price of ₩50000 and is illegal, than at last we have the "Chainsaw" that goes for ₩70000 the weapon is illegal to own but legal to own in a house, This is public information of the Black Market including weapon prices now lets began with what the job of a Black Market Dealer is, The Black Market is a industry suited for Criminals and multiple Gang Artist around Seoul, They have selected multiple professionals fit of the Black Market Dealer position to meet the Supply and Demand of customers in Seoul, Basing around Weaponry and Masks, along with more items, The role of a Black Market Dealer is to supply criminals in Seoul with weaponry and to do this they must set a opening on the Black Market Discord using the format posted in the chat, The customer must first call the number provided once a Dealer posts a opening and the Dealer will ask the Customer to meet at a secluded location, No officers or higher ups may metagame that channel, The Dealer would meet up with the Customer asking for the payment and supplying the weaponry and items the person has requested, They take many orders, The requirements of being a Black Market Dealer would be similar to a Normal Criminal but more strict as to go on with this job BMD's must stay in secluded areas avoiding PD/SPD at all times staying in the dark, This is all the knowledge I know about the Black Market, I hope you take my application into consideration.

IC Section

What makes your character Unique?
Yuhara has always been involved in Weapon Dealing, Drug Traffic and Crime, The unique thing about Yuhara is all of his murders and crime are underground and never publicly announced, Yuhara can get away with most crimes and is very capable of getting away with any type of Crime, He avoids the police very often and tends to stay in a apartment or when police aren't in town or when police are off duty, Yuhara is very smart and another unique thing about Yuhara is he graduated with Majors in Biology but never got a real job, He knows exactly where to stab and hit someone and he knows the locations of multiple arteries, He also has his minors in acting making it easier for him to fake out scenarios.
What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?:
Yuhara has dreamt of being a dealer for many years a verified dealer in the Black Market but never did, Yuhara had always been able to supply customers with weaponry and items, Yuhara has always enjoyed selling and buying things and to be a dealer that is some of the requirements you would need to be able to do both, Yuhara would love to supply customers of the Seoul Black Market with items they need, The reasoning of why he'd like to become a dealer is exactly because Yuhara has always been a business man and loves to sell items, Yuhara has scammed but Yuhara rarely scams anymore, Yuhara wants to meet the supply and demand of the Black Market and he is very capable of doing so.
Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]
Yuhara Hikosaburo was born in Germany with Multiple Siblings living a small life, He was born inside of a foster home after his parents had been killed, his Siblings blood related were in the foster home as well he had been adopted and begged his foster parents to adopt his Siblings as well and they agreed, Yuhara at the age of 8 was very poor and seeked revenge of his biological parents that died at ages 34 and 32, on Febuary 4th 1990 shortly after Yuhara was born, Yuhara had decided to keep the sirname as his biological parents and his foster parents respected that, Yuhara decided to steal for profit and also started to scam people out of their money, Yuhara's scams worked very well until he collected 5000 Euros buying his first weapon that was a Meat Cleaver at the age of 13, He lied to the butcher saying that he needed to buy it for his mother. and the Butcher did believe him so he got the Cleaver, He soon met up with a kid in his school in the alleyway between a bread shop and a abandoned hospital, The kid was just walking by and no one knew he was there, and Yuhara came upon the male wrapping his arm around his neck with the cleaver dragging the male into the alleyway, wearing a black balaclava covering his face, he'd then whisper to the boy which he believed his name was Martin saying "You are going to experience death tonight." as he slit the boys throat, The boy was much shorter than Yuhara being 4'11 and Yuhara being 5'8, Yuhara began killing more often until he was arrested at the age of 15 for Evasion which his parents paid bail, and he explained to his parents that it was a misunderstanding and somehow they believed him despite having proof, Yuhara had went to school at a earlier age getting a college degree way earlier than most teenagers his age, He had got his majors in Biology and his Minors in acting, Yuhara had done many things with his life but this is the simple backstory.
First and last name:
Yuhara Hikosaburo 
Current Occupation Or Hobby:
Criminal and Crime (Grade-12)
 Age (25+):
Cisgender Male
Yuhara is a Biracial German Japanese, and Italian Male.
Additional information: As of this time this is posted Yuhara is in jail but by time this is reviewed and denied or accepted he'll be out.


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