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Made by “Arc”


 [!] The photo would’ve been taken by a 6k Ultra HD Camera, while a figure would’ve been standing  [!]


The criminal Party 


On February 13th, a few hours before the school event of love, there was a party that was going on, people of all ages attended such a party, but the party wasn’t a normal one, it was truly a disgusting party… 

People were given alcohol such as Vodka, Sake Bottle, and so on forward, but in such chaotic parties, substances were also shown substances like meth, cocaine, et cetera… While the music was blasting, people suspected that money printers were present during such gathering

But with some lasting hope, the police got a call from an unknown number, while the police were rushing towards the house, people were enjoying the alcohol, music, and drugs…

After a few hours, the police reached towards the house, as they were on the door…

Unluckily the police didn’t have the item to bust down the door, as they were pathetically weak to not be able to bust it open by themselves, such appearance of the person made someone quickly go upstairs to open their window or break such window, as people where escaping, the police stupidly didn’t notice such people running away

Soon enough a member of the police force broke the window near the front door as the police were rushing in, but the time they entered, it was a wasteland of people, but a garbage fest with a bunch of items.oNBpmLpBl1sCpbzqfHD2XhyNWsgiLZLi4Day25vOP4hKHqQ1zIj_OcyoZLh7Lx6gkNT5UaZQS7w6IFNRqQKfU-67imjM-tU87zegX1J2CRYlWeD8RM1IMxceFKUfMJIg22SH4qO7


 [!] The images and text were everywhere around the city, from different areas, even in the sewers, forests, SPD, school, poles…Everywhere [!]

Made by KayLoon, 6:22 PM GMT TIMEZONE, 26-FEB-22

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Daisuke Yamakage Sagong Hunluan

"Honestly, well written."

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[54] [TEACHER] July Tsukia Seiji

[26] [CITIZEN] Himari Jin-Kyong


      love & hip hop lhhmia GIF by VH1

Builder ❤️

contact me at:

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