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The First Jailbreak of Seoul


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The First Jailbreak of Seoul 


After serious digging an of information, “Arc” managed to find out about the First Jailbreak of the unsafe, chaotic, city…

It all started while a masked man was running away from the cops, evading the taser, as he seems to be faster than the two present cops but soon enough the male did a truly dumb mistake

As the male headed towards the ladders soon enough a blonde cop aimed the taser at the masked man as the cop soon enough tased him, making the male hit his head onto the ground, soon enough a black-haired man came to the tased man as he soon enough cuffed the male up…

When the male reached his cell, another officer came up with an officer named Masuno a blue-haired girl as she pushed another man in, he was also masked, as Masuno waited for the other two officers to come to the cells…

The two inmates did small talk, as the one who evaded the cops quickly told him, lets do a jailbreak, as the other man nodded his head, the blonde male cop quickly separated the two inmates

 Masuno entered the cell with the first inmate to remove the inmate's mask but suddenly a fight broke out, the blonde-haired cop was distracted with the other inmates that were suspected to have weapons, while the black-haired cop was distracted by something, the Inmates that were fighting Masuno seemed to be revealed as Seijuro Tanako, shockingly Seijuro won, as he seemed to be stepping on Masuno throat a sort of way to “kill” her, but he felt pity and quickly left the cells towards the Police first desk.

While the other inmates stabbed the blonde cop as quickly bleeding out, the black-haired cop was also killed, as the two inmates escaped, leaving with two dead cops, and a severely injured Masuno…




  1. This was before the rule of 5 cops must be online for a jailbreak

  2. Masuno Miysuhi was a cop

  3. The blonde cop was HarryNobonheur second character

  4. The black-haired cop was Glycer the mod

  5. The other inmate IGN I have forgotten off

  6. Seijuro Tanako IGN is KayLoon

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Moderator_Wipe5 was the IGN of the other Inmate.

In addition,

Jail breaks with weapons cant happen anymore, jailbreaks with only fists can happen, if 5 or more cops are on, it was agreed by a staff member that now in jail you have nothing, not even a stick.

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"If you just finished a work out, and you are looking for a snack, dont get a red bull, get a banana, "but coach i dont have a banana" you do, think about it tiger ;)"


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