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IGN (In Game Name): 

Discord Tag (ex, metsu#7640):

Have You received any warns/bans in the SeoulRP Server/Discord, if so, list them: 

Describe your experience with roleplay:
I have quite a hefty amount of experience with roleplay from being a student, to an adult, to a teacher and other jobs within a city on another server, as well as being a BMD on another server also.

What is Escalation in your own words:
The buildup of tension between the two parties is known as escalation. When one side threatens the other in hand-to-hand fighting, it can escalate from verbal violence to physical violence using fists or, more gravely, weaponry. Even significant bodily harm to one of the participants can end in death, prompting a fatal response. Amputation of a limb or injury to a vital organ, such as the eye, are examples of serious injuries. Bleeding can occur as a result of fatal wounds, including injury to major arteries such as the jugular vein.

Do you have a microphone?:

List your past BMD applications:
Don't currently have hold of my past application I made for the other server nor have I made one on here.

What is your reason for applying?:
I would like to have the opportunity to spice my roleplay again by playing as a BMD. In the past when I have played this position I enjoyed it, the intensity of having to be secretive and having to hide your identity of being a dealer within the city is enjoyable. As well as I do enjoy gangrping, having a chance to provide this type of roleplay with the weapons and items essential seems like a fun thing to do as it will keep it active.

Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?:
I acknowledge this as it can break the economy of the server.

Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed?: 
I understand.

What is your knowledge on Black Market:
My knowledge on the black market is knowing that the dealers have to be really secure on who they sell their products to, this is one of the most essential if not the most essential thing as it stops them from getting arrested or worse losing their life. The black market is there in general to reek havoc within the city causing rival gangs to have more conflict as they will be taking lives of each others friends and family.


IC Section
(Write this as if your character is in an interview.)

What makes your character Unique?
Sang is unique as his attitude towards his job is something that isn't commonly found within people who apply for jobs. He's a hard working man that never spends a minute out of a working day to get distracted.

What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?:
Sang had a horrible childhood growing up, his father was in a lot of conflict with different gangs in Korea, he'd owed debt for years until one day it caught up with him. Since the day Sang found out about his father getting killed he wanted to see the world get destroyed by each other hence why he wanted to provide the tools necessary for that.

Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]

Sang was born into a prosperous and prominent family in Seoul. His father was full-blooded Japanese and his mother was Japanese-Korean. He spent his youth playing sports and making friends with the other kids in the surrounding areas, he was very close to his mother, who taught him the majority of his life skills. He attended a public elementary school before transferring to a private secondary school following an altercation with a teacher he had had. He attended private school until he was sixteen years of age, whilst in his teenage years, Sang decided to slouch around all day and read comics on the Yakuza and other gang-related things happening in the world. With Sang becoming so interested in the comic scene of gang violence he was influenced despite the somewhat decent upbringing he had. With Sang being influenced he started misbehaving in school, fighting a lot as well as skipping classes to hang out with people of an older age that were heavily involved in a crime which further increased Sang’s aspirations of becoming a big shot in the criminal world. His Mother, becoming a single parent so soon after his father had past, saw this as disrespect towards his culture and mostly herself as she  never brought him up to be this way. Sang’s behaviour only got worse with time and he ran away from home at the age of 18.

First and last name:
Sang Kyu-Bong


Current Occupation Or Hobby:
No occupation.

 Age (25+):



Additional information:

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