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Sinner's Hospital App


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OOC Information
IGN: i dont know yet. . . asking intra for an acc rn. . 

DIscord: sinner.#6666

Age:  I'm 16 turning 17

Timezone: GMT / The UK

Do you have a microphone? Does it work? Yes

Any previous bans/warns? If so, list them
A warn for looc flood, but it's no longer active.

Describe your activity within the server and forums? I am online everyday, for hours on hours.

Any previous applications? if so, list them: 
Builder team application, accepted.
PD application, accepted.
Citizen Application, accepted.
Lawyer Firm application, pending.

What role are you applying for? Surgeon.

What motivates you to join the Hospital in SeoulRP? I have a lot of experience within medical roleplay, especially when it comes to handling medical scars and alike off from GangRP and such. I have been a medic in multiple family branches on other servers, and I have worked as a clinical lead, a clinical manager and a hospital manager. (Pluss some other minor roles such as therapist, surgeon and pharmacist.)

Besides this I've also had other experience such as internship in real life, where I was allowed to follow a nurse around for a week with my college program being health and social care. It was the most thoughtful week I've ever had and I wouldn't change it for the world. From the 21st of February to the 4th of March I have another two weeks of internship in real life, and I am heading out to an hospital to follow a surgeon around in real life. I have major expectations and I pray to bring some of my experiences with me to be able to roleplay better than I already am.

The hopsital in SeoulRP is probably by far my favorite department, the people there are so wholesome and I love the community SeoulRP has. I would like to do more than just be a citizen.

What makes us think you are different compared to the other applicants? Different and better are two different things, and honestly I don't think I'm any better than anyone else, anyone can make a good applicant with training, but I wouldn't need much training.

As an applicant I would like to say that I have charisma to share, I have a lot of personality and a lot of character. I am very outgoing and I wouldn't put it past me to get to know every staff within the team in the hospital if I so do get accepted, because how we vibe OOCLY affects ICLY aswell. I want to be able to make a ton of new friends, and gain a space of mind that I like to be in at the same time. I truly believe the hospital could be that place for me.

I have a lot of experience per mentioned before, and I think the team could use someone who's knowledged and active when not everyone else is. 

Besides all this, me knowing how to GangRP helps me evolve better within EMS on my other account, this being because I know where the hurtful limbs are and where to punch to knock people out and alike. For example if someone got their carotoid stabbed I would be able to help that before bleedout timer runs out, because I have knowledge enough to detail roleplay it to save the patients life. (Instead of skiprping it.)

IC Information
Character’s Name: Yturi Yamakage

Age (25+): 28

Current Occupation: None

Nationality: Korean

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Surgery, obtained from medical school.

Major(s): Bioengineering, Human Physiology and Health Sciences.

Minor(s): Sociology

Languages Spoken: Korean

Backstory: Yturi Yamakage is a well trained male, being the surgeon that he is he's struggled to get through all the years to come where he is. His parents never believed he could make it, until his parents trusted him to help remove his mothers brain tumor during his internship. It was done with proper pre-caution and he wasn't alone. That's then they finally saw Yturi's potential and managed to see past his blue purple hair.

He never really understood the dynamic between him and his parents, but when his mother passed away as of very recently, Yturi and his father became very united and moved to Seoul together to start over again. Moving out on his own has never been in the books for neither his parents nor himself, as he wants to stay as close as possible for as long as possible.

Yturi had a lot of friends growing up, but they didn't want the same as he did. He wanted a form of success that wasn't allowed when he was little, and everyone had zero to no hope at all for him. He kept growing on, fighting the voices in his head with the little hope he kept to himself. Being an only child was never easy for him seeing as he had to grow up without someone to ask for advice throughout his childhood. He learned to manage with himself quicker than a child should have, and throughout his childhood learned to help use first aid kits to help people at school.

He foot followed the school nurse during his high school years, and spent most of his time outside class, fixing up the people from the sport teams that got injured from playing sports. This is mainly what built up to him wanting to be a surgeon, as he wanted to make peoples lives good again by repairing whatever might've caused em to have to change their lifestyles.

Extra Notes: N/A

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[54] [TEACHER] July Tsukia Seiji

[26] [CITIZEN] Himari Jin-Kyong


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