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Japanese language when? ahaha...

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IGN(In Game Name): CandyAngel017

What Language are you applying for?: Japanese

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):  Oniko Mitoya, A woman born in Yokohama, Japan, Would obviously know Japanese from birth. From the time she was able to even hear to the moment she decided she wanted to study abroad in Korea, She spoke only Japanese. Though, this isn't the case anymore. Mint finds that after a good while of living abroad in a predominantly Korean speaking country, she has begun the process of forgetting her own native tongue. Call it stupidity or ignorance- whichever one would prefer more, Mint knew one thing and one thing only.  Forgetting her NATIVE LANGUAGE was absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!  What would her parents think? Raising a smart girl who competed in athletics yet she can't even remember how to speak? Pitiful. Scraping together the money in her spare time; Mint would begin to fund her own tutoring to reinforce her already plentiful knowledge on Japanese! Even going as far as to force herself to label her own home with sticky notes in the language every day to make sure she was actually learning something.
Thankfully, this all pays off in the end. Because Mint gets a grip on herself and does not forget how to speak the language she grew up on.


How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: It creates a more realistic take on how a person from another country would live. Mint, being Japanese, would more than likely use her first language to communicate with those of the same nationality in order for a more comfortable and even secretive conversation.

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