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5FDP Adult Application

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Vanya Sergeyevich Kasparyan





On a cold winter night, on December 17th, 1994, a baby boy was born. His mother and father decided on the name “Vanya”. Vanya was brought into his parents' home, both of which were from Russian-Korean families. Their small, commie block apartment was located in Vladivostok, Russia, a rather large port city located on the shore of the Sea of Japan, being situated some 130 kilometres from the Russian-North Korean border. Growing up in post-Soviet Russia, even in a big, port city, things weren't exactly great for him and his family, despite being in the middle class. Being a transitional period from an old system to another, it wasn't like this just for them, but for most of the nation. His first years were spent just doing child things. Learning to speak, both Korean and Russian, spelling, writing… walking. Right around the time he was meant to start Kindergarten, his parents had managed to save enough to make the move to Korea- South Korea, of course. With the future for Vanya and themselves in mind, they packed everything they had and took a flight to Seoul, where he'd begin Kindergarten. He did alright in school, not an overachiever nor an underachiever. To this day, Vanya still resides in Seoul, living a calm life.

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